The Green Pages
March 2000

Winners Announced 
by Mark Greenawalt

Congratulations go out this month to the three lucky winners of the "Mill's Barn Signed/Limited Edition Art Print Contest" brought to you by the good people at Future-Class X Publishing.  Drum roll please....The winner for January's drawing is Bob Schmitt of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  The winner for February's drawing is Faye Deck (also known as Kristy's mom) of Cleveland, Tennessee.  And finally, this month's winner is Roberta Cornelius of Cocoa, Florida.  Thanks for signing the guestbook!!!

For those that didn't know it, throughout the year 2000 I will be giving away one of my prints of Mill's Barn each month to someone who has signed my guestbook.  I will do a random drawing at the end of each month to determine the winner and will announce it in the following month's Green Pages.  So if you'd like a chance to win and haven't signed it yet, can't win if you haven't signed.  Here is a scan of the print:


ANTI-M Revisited
by Mark Greenawalt

Once upon a time there was a band named ANTI-M that rose from the fiery deserts of Arizona.  I dedicated several years of my life to this project and I would like to share some of those golden days with you.  You can go check out the new ANTI-M web page on the website.  The address is .  From there you will be able to listen to some of our songs, read a little about the band and see a picture of me in my "hippy" days.

Soon to be for sale on the ANTI-M page will be the anthology CD which will include all of the songs from our first cassette "Beyond the Emerald City" and our second cassette "Exhibit 'A'".  Plus we are planning on recording two additional songs for the CD release.

The day after this webpage was put on-line I got an interesting e-mail from Holland.  The editor of a magazine called Strutter sent a message indicating that the music scene in Europe was interested in bands like ours.  He has asked permission to review our music in his magazine and to interview us.  He also said "I really want to promote your band in Europe and elsewhere. Besides I can help your band getting signed to any of the AOR labels here in Europe."  It's amazing what a little international exposure can do for you!  If you care to check out his website you can find it at .


Other Tid-Bits
by Mark Greenawalt

-The house in Tennessee has been sold.  Thank you Dawna Bradford and Penny Crook for all of the help in getting it sold.  For those interested, my new address is 4124 East Anderson Drive, Phoenix, AZ least for a little while.

-The website that I have been designing for my engineering company is now on-line.  You can go check it out at .  At this point it is still under construction, but it's a pretty good start.  I obviously need to add more of my photos before too long.

-I'd like to help herald the opening of a new website for Kristy Deck which is aptly named .  I shot the cover for her CD so you should buy yourself a copy.  Oh, by the way, the music is good too!  Kristy is a fantastic singer with a great future and I welcome you to go to her site and listen to some of her song samples.  Kristy also has a big heart.  Here is a message to her fans:  

"IT'S THE MS WALK TIME AGAIN!!! as most of you know, I am a supporter of the national multiple sclerosis society. my grandmother had this disease and I would like to see a cure found for it in my lifetime. and there's good news! there is now a drug treatment for people with relapsing MS! so, your money is hard at work!
Every year, I form a team called the "Kristy Deck Fan Club" and we walk together in Nashville. this year, the walk is on April 9 at 1:30 pm at Edwin Warner park. it's always a lot of laughs and you get free lunch! woo hoo! if you can't walk, I would appreciate a donation of any size.
If you would like to walk or donate money, please rsvp via email and I will give you more info. Thanks for your continued support!"  
[email protected] 

Please help her out if you can.

-Styx is coming to Phoenix on May 4th.  Wanna go?

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2000, Mark Greenawalt