The Green Pages
September 2000

International #1 Songwriter  
by Mark Greenawalt

Wow!  Can you believe it?  People from all over the world have been listening to a song that I wrote called "Simple Life" on   Early this month there were well over 1,000 people per day listening to the song over the internet and this brought the song strait up to #1 on the country chart.  Talk about a rush.  I didn't even know that the song was shooting up the charts until my friend John Griffin e-mailed me and said that his song was at #7 and he was coming after my #1 position.  I walked around for days on cloud nine.

The song was sung by Dawna Bradford and she started getting e-mails from Australia and Europe asking for her CD and wanting to hear more of her on the radio.  She has gotten a lot of exposure from this site and we made a decision to strategically place a song that she had written called "The Letter" so that more visitors would listen to this track.  The attempt to "share the wealth" worked and her song eventually rose up and knocked "Simple Life" out of the #1 position.  So now Dawna is also a #1 songwriter...internationally!  In fact, Dawna has had five of her songs in the top 20 on the new country chart at the same time.

Besides the exposure and the new credentials, Dawna's songs have earned over $1,000 this month for "internet airplay."  I'll be getting a share of it for songwriting, so I guess it's official.  I'm now a professional songwriter!!!!  After doing the math, however, I have decided to keep my day job too.


Time For Me
by Mark Greenawalt

After being a part of the success that showered on Dawna from the world wide web, I decided to see what the world thought of my own songs.  Well world, what do you think?  Go to my new web page on and listen to 5 of my songs.  The address is .

So far this month, one of the songs, "The Story of My Life" has reached #9 on the Tex-Mex chart, the song "Two Rings" has been added to an radio station that specializes in wedding songs, and yet another song, "Finally," has been added to an easy listening radio station.  A music magazine in Holland has asked to interview me and said, "You are exactly the artist we are looking for to promote in our magazine."  Not too shabby for the first month. 

These radio stations on are basically playlists of songs with a common style or theme.  Dawna's songs are being played by 24 stations as of this writing.  One of the stations happens to be my own.  Yes, in my spare time I went and set up my own radio station that plays songs that I have written (or co-written) and it includes songs that I have written with Dawna singing, some with me singing, and one song by my early 90's band ANTI-M.  The station is called The Future-Class X Publishing Songwriting Showcase and can be found at .

I think it's time I spread my wings 
And reach up for the sky 
Ain't gonna let doubt drag me down 
I'm gonna set my fears aside 
See how high I fly

(Lyrics from "Time For Me" by Mark Greenawalt and Dawna Bradford)


More Body Paintings
by Mark Greenawalt

Last month I introduced my latest art form:  body painting.  This month I would like to share with you some of the new images.  Please be advised that this art has a PG rating since the clothing is painted on.  The intent of these images is to make an impression and I hope that you can free your mind enough to not consider them vulgar, but instead to find them intriguing.  The web page can be found at

The two new images are a back-painting of a sunset at Pinnacle Peak and a full body painting of a queen of spades playing card.  The model for the sunset painting is Rachel and you can find more pictures of her on my Southwest Models web site at .  The model for the queen of spades is Kay and you can see progress images of this painting process at .  Thank you to Rachel, Kay, and Connie (the black widow spider painting) for offering your time, patience, and epidermis.  I'd also like to thank Marion in Houston for adding a link to this site from her body painting site at Fantastic Bodies.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-There's a new country artist on the internet and her name is Andrea Gilley.  I have been designing her website which can be found at and I have also helped her set up a page at  I met Andrea during the showcasing sessions with Molly Reid in Nashville.  I was playing acoustic guitar and she was the background vocalist.  You can hear Andrea and I on Molly's CD at .  Also, Andrea has a three song CD for sale and every one of the songs is great.  I was fortunate enough to hear an advance copy when I was moving to Phoenix and I probably played these three songs over 30 times during the long drive.  Andrea is also working with Dawna on some of her Nashville gigs.  Give her music a spin and I'm sure you'll be an instant fan.

-Remember that little challenge of mine to take pictures of all of the U.S. capitals?  Well I haven't followed through with number 26 since taking number 25 (New Mexico) back in February.  Well in October I will have the opportunity to make up for some lost time during a trip to New England.  A light fixture salesman is flying me to the Boston area to tour the manufacturing facility.  Whilst in the area, the plan is to shoot Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.

-Each month in the year 2000, Future-Class X Publishing is giving away a free signed and numbered, limited edition art print of my pencil drawing entitled Mill's Barn .  To be placed in the drawing, all you have to do is sign the guestbook and you will be in the next month's drawing.  The winner of this month's drawing is Brett Casperson.  Brett works with me at Sullivan Designs here in Phoenix as a Senior Plumbing Designer and Vice Principle of the company.  I consider Brett to be a good friend and I think I'll buy him a beer too since he saved me shipping charges for this months contest.  

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2000, Mark Greenawalt

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