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February 2001

The Exotic Odyssey Continues  
by Mark Greenawalt

Opening night is over, but the show goes on!  The Alwun House is holding it's annual exotic art show, entitled 2001: An Exotic Odyssey, from February 9th to March 9th.  On opening night I once again had the opportunity to do a playing-card-themed bodypainting with model Kay Kochman.  This time it was the Queen of Hearts that was appropriate for the month of Valentines Day.  This body painting took about 5 hours to complete and you can see some progress shots on the Queen of Hearts page.  I completed three other body paintings throughout the course of the evening including a mural on the back of Tucson's Best Female Vocalist, Leeanne Savage, and two upper torso paintings on volunteers from the audience.

I have been invited back to the closing night ceremonies to paint some more models.  This show is being dubbed "The Climax" and is on Friday, March 9th at 7:00 p.m. and the cost is $7.00.  At this point I'm not positive who my models will be but I have some cool ideas planned.  C'mon out if you get a chance.


Air-Brush Action Magazine
by Mark Greenawalt

In early February, the nationally distributed magazine named Air-Brush Action asked me to help instruct a seminar on airbrushed body art in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was honored.  I gladly accepted and they flew me first class to stay at Sam's Town Casino to be a part of their "Las Vegas Getaway Workshop."  The other instructor that I worked with was Tobi Britton, who is featured in this month's Air-Brush Action cover article for doing the body painted Vargas girls.  Tobi is a New York based make-up artist who has worked with numerous celebrities (including a 3-year stint on the Cosby Show) and now runs Tobi Britton's The Make Up Shop.  She was great to work with and I really learned a lot from her myself. 

I mentioned the Alwun House show to the magazine publisher and he sent a reporter and a photographer to cover the event.  They plan to include the article in the May/June issue of the magazine.  I spoke with the editor of the magazine recently and she indicated that there would be several quotes from me and some progress images of the Queen of Hearts body painting.  They have also alluded to using one of my body painting images as a cover photo for an upcoming issue...this could be my new year's resolution come true.


New Stuff On
by Mark Greenawalt

I just got an e-mail from Dawna Bradford telling me to go check out her site at .  It turns out that she has added a bunch of live songs on there for everybody's listening pleasure.  Go listen to the song "Just About You" first.  That's the song that I co-wrote with Dawna and the one that I mentioned in last month's newsletter.  I'm very biased, but I think it is a kick ass blues song...what do you think?  Next I'd recommend taking in the songs "The Way That It Goes" and "Deep Down In My Soul."

Also new from is the brand new Kristy Deck web page.  You can go check out her page at and listen to her song "Sunbathin' In The Nude".  The photos on the site are the ones that I shot for her last CD and I've heard that they caused quite an impact.  If you think that they were racey, I think her next CD cover should include her in body paint.  Don't you?  I had the opportunity of hearing some of Kristy's new unreleased songs and I think she might just have the "next big thing" in the sound of country music.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-I just received my first royalty check for songwriting.  It's a pretty cool feeling.

-My website has been designated as a "cool" site by the Body Paint Link Project.  The address for the site is and they have about 500 links on the site, 7 of which are labeled "cool" sites.  I am once again honored. 


Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2000, Mark Greenawalt

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