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September 2001

The 2002 Bodypainting Calendar  
by Mark Greenawalt

It's finally here!!!  It's the 2002 desktop calendar with 12 of my favorite bodypainting images.  I have been working on this project for quite a while and it's great to see it come to fruition.  Last year I had trouble coming up with twelve images that I liked enough to include in a calendar and this year I had trouble narrowing it down to 12 images.  I would like to congratulate and thank the models that have been included:  Tanya Mendes, Naoka Nishi, Rachel Deboer, Alison, Julie "CJ" Parker, Meria Berchak, Kay Kochman, Connie Clapper, and Sandy Kelly.

The calendar is the size of a normal CD case, but it is specially designed to flip around to about 30 degrees to be propped up as a desktop calendar.  Each month is a separate card printed in full color by CMYK digital imaging here in Phoenix.  The cost is $12.00 US (plus $4.00 s&h within the US) and I hope you will consider purchasing one (or more) to help support my art.  These calendars make great Christmas gifts...hint, hint.


"Valley Artist's Work Attracting National Attention"
by Mark Greenawalt

That's the title of the article that was in the Arizona Republic last month that brought 1,100 visitors to my site in one day.  In the last newsletter I spoke of a writer for the newspaper attending my live bodypainting showcase with the Spirit of the Senses in Scottsdale.  Her name is Jackie Dishner and her article was great.  It had me grinning the whole time I read it.  I'd like to welcome you to read the article also.  It is available at the website or you can click on the picture above to see the final image and read the story on my website at .  I liked the final image so much, I included it in the 2002 calendar.  The article also included two color photos of Alison being painted at the event.  This is the second time I have been featured in the Republic, the first being the article in The Rep (the what's-happening-this-weekend section) back in January for the wetsuit bodypainting session with Meria Birchak which also made the calendar.


New Images Added for September
by Mark Greenawalt

One week before the 2002 calendar went to the printer I got an e-mail from a woman interested in body painting that lives here in Ahwatukee.  Her name is Sandy Kelly and we were able to arrange a time that same weekend and as fate would have it, the final image ended up in the 2002 calendar a week later.  The painting was a large scorpion on Sandy's back with fluorescent paint glowing from the edges under a black light.  Sandy doesn't consider herself a model, but she was great to work with and is very beautiful.  I feel fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work with her and it was just in the nick of time.

Also new this month in the digital art gallery is a picture of Pompeii.  The model for this image is Rachel Deboer and the background was rendered with Bryce.

More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-The digital image that I featured on my newsletter last month with model Kristi Curiali wading in the water and the planet in the background is now the opening page for her website.  You can visit it at .  I think Kristi is one of the most beautiful girls on the net, but don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. 

-It's not quite open yet, but you can visit which is now underway.  I hope to make this webpage concentrate on my photography that is less...shall we say...exotic.  This will be the place where I display photos of landscapes, architectural, animals, and people.  Body painting and artwork will remain at and models will remain at .

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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