The Green Pages
December 2001

Happy Holidays from the Foothills of Ahwatukee  
by Mark Greenawalt

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season this year.  No snow on Christmas again here in this Sonoran Desert that I call home (a.k.a. Phoenix) but, heh, there's always next year.  In the past, my family has flown back east to see the family and play in the snow, but it wasn't in the cards this year.  I did, however, get to fortunately spend some quality time with many of my Arizona friends.

I hope Santa Claus brought you all you had hoped for this year.  He brought me my first digital camera and I'm just dying to put it to good use.  Smile!  I'm sure there'll be lots of new images for the ol' website next month.  Got Paint?


What's It Like To Get Painted?
by Mark Greenawalt

Actually, I don't know since I've never been painted myself.  However, if you'd like to see how the models that I have worked with responded to this and 19 other questions, visit my new web page called "Meet the Models".  I sent out a questionnaire containing 20 Questions to all of the models that I have worked with (except for a few with whom I have lost contact).  On the new Meet the Models page I have a directory of each model and their bodypainting images that shows their name, location, a link to their website (if applicable), and a link to their responses to the 20 Questions.  I had a blast reading their comments and I think you will too.


Personalized To Include Your Birthday!
by Mark Greenawalt

That's right folks!  Unless your birthday is on February 29th, you'll find that your birthday is included in this gorgeous limited edition 2002 bodypainting calendar.  As you know, only 200 copies were printed, but there is still a chance for you to be the proud owner of the hottest selling calendar from Future-Class X Publishing ever!  Act now and you can request to have your calendar autographed for FREE!!!  Operators are standing by.
Prices listed on this site do not include registration, title and docking fees.  Not available where prohibited by law.  Many will enter few will order.  See dealer for details.



Soft Shoulder Along The Road From Penn State
by Mark Greenawalt

In 1989 I received my Bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Penn State.  Now, some twelve years later, the alumni association has tracked me down to interview me for their award winning Penn Stater Magazine.  Not for my engineering accomplishments like passing the Professional Engineering exam or becoming a vice-president for a consulting engineering firm, mind you, but for my notoriety gained from being a body painter this past year.  This should be some great exposure since this magazine is distributed to Penn State graduates and fans all over the world.  Earlier this month I was interviewed by freelance writer, Janice Arenofsky of Scottsdale for the upcoming article and she mentioned that there would be room for a picture of me with one of my painted models.  This sounded like a good excuse to do another bodypainting.  Thus was born the Soft Shoulder session with the lovely model Melony Lynn with photography by Don Crossland.  Of course, there will be better pictures of Melony and the painting on my website soon without my mug cluttering up the image.  I'll keep you posted once the article comes out.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-Join the club.  I just started an internet group on the Yahoo website called Painted Desert Models.  I'm hoping that it grows into a cool forum for bodypainters, models, photographers, and anyone interested in the whole process.  If you would like to join, I welcome you to go to and check it out.

-Hi Mom!  Rumor has it that my mother will be surfing the net on her new WebTV connection soon.  I'm always anxious to hear her thoughts on my latest endeavors.  I'm very fortunate that she has always been very supportive of my aspirations.

-Upcoming events:

-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Paris Troy of Captured Studios for a coffee table book
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Jim Goodwin and model Alison Cember
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Don Crossland, make-up artist Dori Randall, and model Khani Hardin.
-The Alwun House Exotic Art Show in February.

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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