The Green Pages
May 2002

Penn State Article Now Available  
by Mark Greenawalt

It had been nearly 13 years since I had graduated from Penn State when I recieved a call from Scottsdale writer Janice Arenofsky.  She was contacted by the university's alumni association to write an article about me for their May/June issue of the magazine The Penn Stater.  To my surprise, their main interest wasn't in where my B.S. degree had taken me in the field of electrical engineering.  The fact that, at 35-years-old, I am the vice-president of an established engineering consulting firm was only briefly mentioned.  Instead they were more interested in hearing about my more recent endeavors in the world of bodypainting.  Cool!

The magazine is now on news stands that contains the article that Janice wrote based on our interview and other information she was able to find about me on the internet.  They needed a picture of me to accompany the article so I scheduled a photoshoot and bodypainting session with international fitness and bikini model Melony Lynn ( and photographer Don Crossland (  I was looking for something that would be like a headshot but that would also showcase my work.  I had had this idea for a soft shoulder road sign for quite some time and I thought that it would work out great for the magazine since it's almost like a little tattoo and the model could be completely covered.  You can check out the article and a few other pictures from the photoshoot by clicking here.  


Bodypainting at LepreCon, the Sci-Fi Convention
by Mark Greenawalt

It's time again for Arizona's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention this May 17th through the 19th.  LepreCon brings together writers, artists, gamers, scientists, and ton of fans and this year I'll be joining the ranks as a bodypainting demonstrator.  In keeping with the theme of the event, the bodypainting that I have planned will be a fantasy warrior character tentatively named Talon.  Modeling for this project will be fantasy/fitness model Tawnya Gentleman who has quite an impressive portfolio of fantasy photoshoots.  To see some of her images, check out her site at .  Also slated to join me for this project are make-up artist Dori Randall and photographer Don CrosslandDeviant Liquid latex has offered to sponsor the project and will be providing the paints.

It should be a fun and rewarding session and I welcome everyone to come see my demonstration at 10:30 in the demo room 2005.  For more information on LepreCon 20, please visit


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-Last year I did the bodypainting of the red bird on model Alison during a live demonstration for the Scottsdale art group, The Spirit of the Senses.  This year I hope to take my performance up a notch and do a full fledged fashion show of bodypaintings.  This will be a major undertaking and I will be needing a lot of volunteers to make it a reality.  

-I have added a web page for Tomiko's responses to my 20 Questions for bodypainting models at .  She has added a wonderful little paragraph about me on her website at .

-A cover for Playtime may be in the works...more later.


Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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