The Green Pages
July 2002

Bodypainting Makes the Cover of Playtime Magazine  
by Mark Greenawalt

I'm on cloud 10 to report that my work has finally made the cover of a magazine.  It's the July issue of Playtime and it's now available.  Stephanie is painted as Uncle (Auntie) Sam in a coat and tie reminiscent of the old U.S. Army enlistment poster.  For more on the story click on the picture above.


Phoenix Magazine Profile In The PHX-FILES
by Mark Greenawalt

Besides the Playtime Magazine, I am also featured this month in the very prestigious Phoenix Magazine.  Writer Lori Baker wrote a wonderful little profile on me and my bodypainting artform.  The adjacent picture of Myla with the back painting of the Arizona flag was specifically set up for this magazine article, however the magazine felt that the picture was a little too "risqué" for their target market and instead only included a picture of me.  For more of the story click on the picture above.


Razor Magazine Knows How To Throw A Party!
by Mark Greenawalt

Yes, I have another magazine story this month.  Razor magazine is the fastest growing men's lifestyle title in North America and boy do they know how to throw a party.  They took over the Opium Nightclub in Scottsdale and turned it into the "Seven Deadly Sins" themed Razor Lounge.  My involvement in the event was to paint 14 of the Razor models.  This included 3 full bodypaintings and the rest just had words painted on them representing the seven sins.  The party was a huge success and the models were stunning.  For more on the story click on the picture above.


Bodypainting Fashion Show with Spirit of the Senses
by Mark Greenawalt

I was once again fortunate enough to be considered to hold a salon for the Spirit of the Senses organization.  This time I took the demonstration up a notch by painting four models for the event.  Two were painted before the show and the other two models were part of the live demonstration at Vermillion Studios in Phoenix.  I would especially like to thank the models Sarah Bowers, Olivia Brooke Womack, Kay Kochman, and Brandi McBride for donating their time and talent for this event.  For more on the story click on the picture above.


Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt
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copyright 2002, Mark Greenawalt

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