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July 2003

Cheyenne Is Dressed to Kill, Heading For The 'Silver' Screen 
by Mark Greenawalt

 Her character's name is Mystere and she is slated to play the leading role in the upcoming movie, The Crucibles of Mystere.  Borne from the imagination of writer Bryan Kinnaird, Mystere rose from the pages of the popular graphic novel, The Villikon Chronicles, to make a live appearance at this years Comic-Con convention in San Diego.  Similarly in 1976, fans at this convention were treated to a sneak peak of an upcoming flick called Star Wars.  Does this new epic have the same blockbuster potential?  A loyal troupe of followers believes it does and the team that is being assembled to produce the movie has every intention of going the distance.  For more on this project, visit: 


Ashley Dawn Becomes The Body Painted Shi
by Mark Greenawalt


I had seen Ashley Dawn's pictures on several websites and I had hoped that we would get the chance to work together someday.  When she contacted me about doing a bodypainting session with her, I was obviously very interested.  The ironic thing was that Ashley lives within a mile of my house so I didn't have far to travel for the session.  Her project was to enter a contest to win a free website from the popular Izzy Designs.  The criteria was to come up with the "MOST CREATIVE WAY TO DISPLAY THE WORDS IZZYDESIGNS".  Having just spent the weekend at the comic book convention, I remembered seeing some very sexy paintings of the comic character Shi.  I presented the idea to Ashley, she liked it, and here is the final product.  The paint used was primarily Deviant Liquid Latex for the red top with Totally Tattoo paints for the patterns.  The face was painted with Ben-Nye's liquid make-ups through a Badger airbrush.  Best of luck winning the contest Ashley!!!  Until she gets her own website, feel free to visit her portfolio at .


Congrats to Tomiko and Angie For Major Press
by Mark Greenawalt


Two models that I have had the opportunity to work with have made their way into two of the biggest magazines on the market.  Tomiko can be found in the Grapevine section of the August issue of Playboy.  The caption reads "A Step Up - Model TOMIKO relaxes in satin and we're right there applauding.  Look for her in Mercedes-Benz and UPS print ads and as a spokesperson for Crown Royal.  We'll drink to that."   The picture above of Tomiko is from our bodypainting session last year for the fictitious warrior Queen Okimot (which is Tomiko spelled backwards).  Visit Tomiko's site at .

Also gracing the pages of the August issue of Maxim Magazine is Angie in the heat of MAXIM'S HOMETOWN HOTTIES.  I had worked with Angie last summer for the Razor Magazine party themed "7 Deadly Sins".  The word LUST was painted on her chest to represent one of the most erotic of the deadly sins.  Also in the running is Aaryn Alonzo, with whom I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to set up a bodypainting session, and a Carrie and Kelley from Scottsdale.  Best of luck to our Hometown Hotties.  Visit Angie's website by clicking her picture above and to vote for her, go to .



More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

  Join me at Next Nightclub in Scottsdale for the GQ Bombay Sapphire party on August 8th.  I will be painting one model for the event.  

-   Remember Lynette painted as Mara Jade at last years CopperCon sci-fi convention here in Phoenix?  The convention is coming up again on September 5-7th.  I plan to bring my paints and do another live bodypainting demonstration.  I'm still honing in on what I will be painting and who the model will be.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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