The Green Pages - The Official Mark Greenawalt Newsletter
VOL 7 ISSUE 7   July 2004

Uncle Sam Rides Again 
by Mark Greenawalt

The fireworks fill the sky again this July as we celebrate Independence Day.  Around this time two years ago, part of my contribution to the celebration was a red, white, and blue bodypainting for the cover of Playtime Magazine's July 2002 issue.  Until now, I have only included that cover image on my website, but this month I am unveiling two additional photos taken by photographer Don Crossland ( of the beautiful model Stephanie.  I have also added a montage of the painting with two photos that I have taken of the U.S. Capital Building and a bald eagle.  This picture shows a little farther down and gives a glimpse of the painted-on red latex panties and untucked shirt that were painted on Stephanie instead of painting the full red and white striped pants.  Maybe someday I'll add a full length shot that adds the element of her red high heels.

Playtime magazine has also reached into the archives to use this bodypainting image again in this month's issue for an advertisement.  I noticed that they added red stripes to the hat which is the more popular version seen today, but the hat that I was trying to match was the one in the original painting by by James Montgomery Flagg in 1916.  I have added a scan of the new advertisement and an image of the old Army enlisting poster to the webpage with all of the other images at .


Kudos To Some Of My Collaborators
by Mark Greenawalt

Congratulations are in order this month for a few of the talented people that I have worked with...

Melina Perez is featured in the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Women of Wrestling.  Melina is featured in this years bodypainting calendar as Miss December in the painted on red lingerie and white airbrushed stockings.  Melina signed a development contract with the WWE earlier this year and has been very active in the Ohio Valley Wrestling Federation.

Kalucha has joined the ranks of the beautiful women photographed by Mark Daughn for Mystique Magazine.  Kalucha is a very active model in the Las Vegas area and was the woman who became the evil Shaleste character for the Villikon Chronicles promotion at last years Vegas Comic Con convention.  She has appeared in numerous magazines, but to become a model for Mystique is very prestigious.

Photographer Don Crossland has now completed his first issue as Art Director for Sonik Magazine based in Tempe, Arizona.  The magazine is a high quality publication that explores the fashion/art/entertainment/dining scenes of the high-end hangouts throughout the valley.


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- I'm glad to announce that it looks like my brother and his wife are going to stick around for a while.  They just bought a house in Gilbert, Arizona.

- Both of my sons are playing baseball this year and I'm proud to say that after three games, my ten-year-old is batting .400 and my five-year-old is batting a thousand (of course in his division there is no three strike rule and you always get a hit eventually).

-  Upcoming events include the Denver Grand Prix, CopperCon science fiction convention, and the Blue Ball.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 2004, Mark Greenawalt

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