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VOL 7 ISSUE 8   August 2004

UPN 45's Bodypainted Ring Girls For Rage In The Cage 
by Mark Greenawalt

UPN 45 Television station is reaching out for a new audience and adds Rage in the Cage to their line-up.  Rage in the Cage is extreme fighting within a 16' octogon cage with only one way out.  Although the sport is relatively new to the area (getting it's start at Tempe's Rodeo Nights nightclub in 1998), other parts of the world such as Brazil and Japan have been routinely selling out 30,000 seat venues to watch the brutal and sometimes bloody event.  One feature it shares with it's more renown counterpart, World Wrestling Entertainment, is the sexy display of ring girls to announce the beginning of each round.  But like Rage in the Cage takes fighting to the extreme, it also took the ring girls to the extreme by having them bodypainted.

A fellow bodypainter named Leslie and I painted two models with the UPN 45 logo to strut around the ring holding up the ring cards.  The packed in audience at the Dodge Theater reacted with an overwhelming howl of approval.  Someone in charge, however, didn't feel the same way and demanded that the models put "real" tops on.  It was good while it lasted, but who knows if it will make it to the televised version of the show.  For the rest of the story click on the picture above or click here


Bodypainted Feline on the Prowl
by Mark Greenawalt

Meet MariaTsardoulias, a model from New Jersey who was willing to fly from New Jersey to Arizona to be painted like a wild leopard in the desert.   Photographer Ken Long made her vision a reality this month as he orchestrated a talent team comprised of Maria, make-up artistry by Rianna Ruiz, bodypainting by me, and of course photography by Ken himself.  The painting itself took about an hour and a half to complete before Maria was turned over to Rianna for make-up.  Rianna painted on some fantastic cat eyes and I had just the right paint for the nose to make it look glossy.  The paint used on the body was Badger airbrush's brand called Totally Tattoo and it was all applied with an airbrush.  After standing through the grueling hours of prepping, Maria and crew shot a few studio shots at O'D's studio and then headed out to find some desert landscapes to use as backdrops.  I wasn't able to stick around for the photoshoot, but I have to say that I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the shots of Maria in full paint impersonating the mascot of Cheetos.  To see a few more shots from the session, click on the image above.



Playboy Magazine Features Bodypainting At The Mansion
by Mark Greenawalt

The September 2004 issue of Playboy Magazine features a six-page spread on the playmates that are bodypainted for the parties at the Playboy Mansion.  The article entitled "Painted Ladies" gives insight into the temporary art created by artist Mark Frazier on some of the most gorgeous women on the planet.  Common themes for Hef's parties include painted-on lingerie, animal paterns, and the famous bunny costumes.  The article shows some progress images and some "finished product" photos shot in the truly professional Playboy style.  It was interesting to note that Mark and I typically use the same paints by Badger Airbrush.

One of the coolest parts of reading the article for me was seeing Lucia Tovar painted in one of the pictures.  I worked with Lucia at the Razor Magazine 7 Deadly Sins Party where I painted her as the devil character Purgatori.  I also found out that she is going to be this month's cover girl for the Playboy Special Editions Exotic Beauties issue.  Congratulations Lucia!!!  Click on the thumbnails below for larger images of Lucia.

Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- Bryan Kinnaird, the genius behind the Villikon Chronicles has just released a new book called Hell Box.  The book documents the life and times of the late Sean Delaney, the self-proclaimed creator of theatrical KISS.  The press release claims, "Seanís story is an exposition for KISS fans and connoisseurs of biographies alike. HELLBOX chronicles the soul of a rebellious young man with a career filled with achievements."  You can go to to read the full press release, read an excerpt from the book, and hopefully support Bryan by buying the book!

-  Upcoming events include the CopperCon science fiction convention, and the Blue Ball at the Alwun House, and on the first Friday of 2005 I'll be featured again at the Paper Heart Art Gallery's annual Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll extravaganza.

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Mark Greenawalt
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