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VOL 9 ISSUE 8   August 2006


Maxim and Budlight Enfocate Party in Downtown Phoenix 
by Mark Greenawalt

 Maxim en espanol and Budlight Enfocate Party in Phoenix I was happy to be asked back to do the bodypainting as the national event Enfocate made it's stop in Phoenix.  The event is a model search for Maxim magazine and it is co-sponsored by Budlight.  I painted two models at Axis-Radius for the 2005 Enfocate and this year painted two models at Club DwnTwn in Phoenix.  I had not previously worked with either of the models and they both turned out to be spectacular choices.  The Maxim logo was painted on Alice Borcean and the Budlight logo was painted on Paris Harshman.  For more pics from the event and more of the story, go to .


Article on Lisa Marie Sipe In Ignite Magazine 
by Mark Greenawalt

 Lisa Marie Sipe abstract artist article in Ignite Magazine Lisa Marie Sipe photographs the patterns in tree bark and other designs in nature and transforms them into her unique style of abstract painting.  Her forte is in encaustic painting although she has used many mediums while earning her degree in art.  To read the article, click


A Return to Oil Painting On Canvas 
by Mark Greenawalt

 Oil Painting of Shackled Succubus Most of my artwork over the past couple of years has been on living canvases, but now and then I have reverted back to some of my roots and painted on 2-dimensional canvases.  This is an oil painting that I call "Shackled Succubus" that I recently completed.  I had originally started it back when I lived in Nashville and at the time it was only going to be a female nude.  My love of science fiction themes took control though and I couldn't resist adding wings to her. 


Tribal Party With Dos Equies 
by Mark Greenawalt

 Tribal Adventure bodypaintings at Myst in Scottsdale Myst Nightclub in downtown Scottsdale played host to the hysteria of a Dos Equis sponsored party.  For this event I bodypainted the front torsos of three drummers and armbands for a handful of the servers and dancers.  To check out more images from this project, please visit .


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