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VOL 12 ISSUE 1   August 2016


Bodyssey Body Art Convention in Banff, Canada  
by Mark Greenawalt

Butcher Jones Video by Brian Pulido

I have finally had a chance to create a page on my website that chronicles my time in Banff, Canada for the Bodyssey & Beyond bodypainting convention. I was honored to be invited to instruct at this convention along with some really awesome painters such as Nick Wolfe, Mark Reid, Jinny, Heather Green, Annie Reynolds, Jocelyn Casdorph, Wiser Oner, Lianne Moseley, and Lucie Brouillard. A book has been published that showcases many of the paintings and good times that were had at this convention. Click the picture above or go to to read my chronicles from this fantastic weekend and see some of the pictures of the bodypaintings that I completed there. There is also a link for the book there. Here are the thumbnails for the images on the page:


Charity Fundraiser Art Fashion Show At The Watershed 
by Mark Greenawalt

Styx tribute rock band equinox in Nashville 1999

I was honored to take part in the Art Fashion Show at the Watershed in Tempe on July 29th, 2016. The Art Fashion Show is described as "Paintings and drawings on canvas get turned into fashion designs on models walking the runway. Models become the artists creative work in the fashion show, then walk with the artists amazing work during the second half of the show" I had four of my paintings selected to be included in the event. The venue was fantastic and the sunset over the lake was beautiful, but just as twilight was beginning, a storm raced in and forced us to take the party indoors. A portion of the proceeds went to the charity Arizona Consortium for the Arts ( ) and the above photo was taken by Elana Thorton who is the founder and CEO of the organization. Thank you to Christine Nichole for hosting this event and inviting me to the party and also thanks to the models that showcased my paintings including Savannah Marie (Running With The Pack), Jeanne Barry (Mammoth), CJ Gerin (Mech), and Freddie Germany (Elric and Cymoril).

San Diego Comicon Showcases Four Frank Frazetta Originals 
by Mark Greenawalt

Sage Greenawalt band Omniscient live and on the radio

I was thrilled to have the chance to attend San Diego Comicon again this year with my son Zane. There were quite a few highlights for me such as taking part in the Robert A. Heinlein blood drive and seeing some really cool panels (Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot and several drawing how-to panels). The biggest hightlight though was seeing four original Frank Frazetta real life...up close and personal. I also got to meet Holly Frazetta, Frank's daughter, and she was kind enough to sign my print of Death Dealer (see picture above). I did take quite a few pictures of the Con and they will be published soon on Geek News Network site. I'll send out that link in a future issue.


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Mark Greenawalt
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