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September 2017


Updates For The State Capital Building Architectural Photography Project
by Mark Greenawalt

Fourteen to go! I have continued slowly on my quest to photograph all of the fifty United States capital buildings. In 2014 I added California and Nevada and this month I had the opportunity to visit Austin, Texas and get an updated picture of that state capital building. The first time I was there storm clouds were low in the sky and tornado warnings were in the area. It's great to be able to see my growth as a photographer and also the added value of a more technically advanced camera and Photoshop treatments. There are quite a few capitals that were under construction when I visited so hopefully I'll update those someday too. Click here to see if I've photographed your state yet.


Lecture on 'Architectural Photography for Nightime Lighting'
by Mark Greenawalt

Speaking of Architectural Photography and Austin, Texas, the reason I was in town was to give a lecture at the Street and Area Lighting Conference. This is an event held by the Illumination Engineering Society and I was selected along with about a dozen other instructors to present subjects related to outdoor lighting. There were about 1000 people in attendance at my presentation at the grand ballroom of the Austin J.W. Marriott.


Bats...Lots And Lots Of Bats
by Mark Greenawalt

Oh, and one more tidbit from my trip to Austin. I had the opportunity to see the colony of bats at the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. Pretty incredible site to see. Gets you in the mood for Halloween. I heard there is a colony in Phoenix that I need to go check out soon!

Getting Back To My Musical Roots
by Mark Greenawalt

This month I had my second gig with the 15-piece band, Spark Jack Daddy We played an event called Garypalooza at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. The first gig I had with them was in a dust storm near Rawhide and this time it was 115-degrees, but I survived both and got to play with some incredible musicians. More to come with these guys.

Also this month I had my first outing with a new project called Sonic City with Roger Wiedabach, my good friend and former bandmate from Anti-M, and guitarist Rick Tovar. This was an acoustic gig for Cooks and Chords, a benefit for MS held at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

Upcoming events:
September 23, 2017 - Sonic City playing at the Cook's and Chords benefit for MS. Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona
August 26, 2017 - Spark Jack Daddy band at Garypalooza 2017 Pool Party Event, Saguaro Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona.
November 18, 2017 - Sonic City playing at the Arizona Honeybee Festival, Agave Farms in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
November 24, 2017 - Spark Jack Daddy - Private party on Black Friday, Scottsdale, Arizona
December 9, 2017 - Mesa Book Festival, Setting up booth to sell my Body Art Book and prints. Mesa, Arizona
December 24, 2017 - Spark Jack Daddy band at University of Phoenix Stadium Great Lawn (Cardinals vs. Giants game), Glendale, Arizona.

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