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May 2019


Phoenix Fan Fusion Bodypainting Extravaganza - Steampunk de los Muertos
by Mark Greenawalt

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Bodypainting Extravaganza - Steampunk de los Muertos.

Unlike the fiasco from last year's event, the 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion was a huge success for the Bodypainting Extravaganza team. The theme selected for this year was "Steampunk de los Muertos". Five fantastic artists painted our five fabulous models in about two and a half hours. The room seated 520 and the room was pretty much filled most of the eventing. The line up of artists this year included Brandon McGill, Papi Miranda, Brandy Wise, Amber Yepez, and me. The models painted were Best Tardy, Violet Pixie, Elley Cat, Griffin Maria, and Paris Harshman. Another special treat this year was having recording artist Miss Krystle


Hollywood Vampires Take The Stage In Scottsdale
by Mark Greenawalt

Hollywood Vampires is Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry.  Burning Hot Events Concert Photography

This photography gig was pretty special to me. I've always been a little starstruck seeing celebrities and it has been absolultely awesome getting the opportunity to photograph them up close. When I got the call to shoot Hollywood Vampires for Burning Hot Events I was excited to know that I'd be photographing two rock legends with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith's Joe Perry, but the icing on the cake was photographing a movie star too with Johnny Depp. The show was great and I think I got some really cool shots. Click the photo above to go to my event photography page and find the link to the review and photo gallery.


Captain Pegleg Willie - Book Cover for Benny "Gato" Aguirre
by Mark Greenawalt

Captain Pegleg Willie by Benny Gato Aguirre with cover art by Mark Greenawalt.

I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Benny at countless conventions throughout the years. When he approached me about doing the cover for his first book project I was truly honored. Benny is somewhat of an expert on pirates and he even dresses the part for social pirate events and parties. So it was no surprise when he told me the main character was Captain Pegleg Willie. The surprise came when I found out that Willie was not only a pirate, but a parrot pirate. That definitely captured my attention. Here in the picture you can see the final image that made it to the cover. It was a great collaboration and it was wonderful to see the project finally realized. Now it's time to start on book two...coming soon.

You can purchase this book at Amazon ( ) or Barnes & Noble ( ).


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