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January 2020


New Music Video Filmed In Shenandoah 
by Mark Greenawalt

Singer Songwriter Mark Greenawalt sings Shenandoah an original song

While visiting family back east, I had the opportunity to go to Shenandoah State Park in Virginia to film my latest music video for the song Shenandoah. I had planned to have an actress along to be in some of the scenes, but ended up going alone on a very, very cold autumn day. I brought the remote controlled camera dolly along with me and went to Home Depot to buy some conduit to make a rail for it to run on. It was so cold and, try as I might to get that to work smoothly, I soon gave up and opted for mostly static shots. I didn't bring a tripod so the camera was sitting on picnic tables, retaining walls, whatever I could find. I brought my new chromatic harmonica to add to the lip-synch fun, but it was actually a blues harp that I actually played in the studio. I did get some awesome footage of the changing leaves, especially the shots driving along the ridge with the camera resting on the dash. I knew I didn't get enough performance shots for the video so the following day I set up some shots by Licking Creek in Big Pool, Maryland. I did get the dolly to work...for the most the video to the end to see where my camera took a nose dive towards the river.

I didn't edit the video right away when I got home. Several weeks later the leaves where finally changing here in Arizona. I asked my son Zane to come out to my front yard and film me playing the acoustic guitar in front of a tree. I stood on a step stool and he had the tripod mounted low to the ground looking up. I edited the clips together using Premiere and then uploaded the video to YouTube.

One interesting tidbit about this song is that it had different lyrics originally when I wrote it in Nashville. It was called Leave A Message At The Tone and I decided that a rewrite was necessary since answering machines were becoming obsolete. The day that I originally wrote the song, I printed up music sheets using the Nashville Number System and had the song played live at a club called Douglas Corner in Nashville. I believe I still have a tape of that performance somewhere. It was really neat to be able to write a song in the afternoon and then play it live with a band that same evening...with no rehearsal. Click the image above to watch the video and see more of my music stuff on my website at .


Another Opportunity For Concert Photography With STYX     
by Mark Greenawalt

Tommy Shaw of Styx 2020 Tour at Celebrity Theatre supporting The Mission

I believe this was my fifth Styx concert. The first was in Nashville for the Return To Paradise tour when Dennis DeYoung was still in the band. Then the following night I drove to Atlanta to see them do a show at Chastain Park with the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra. That was definitely awesome. Next was the 2008 New Year's Eve gig for the Fiesta Bowl at Tempe Beach Park and then last year they played half of The Mission album at the Celebrity Theatre (click here to read about that show). Which brings us to the show almost exactly one year later at the Celebrity Theatre. I won't go into great detail here since I not only took pictures at the show, but I also wrote the review. Click here or on the picture above to read it.


Celebrating 30 Years Beyond The Emerald City  
by Mark Greenawalt

ANTI-M Beyond The Emerald City CD of original songs 30-Year Anniversary

Thirty years ago, I went into Westwood Recording Studios in Tucson, Arizona to record my first album with a band. This band rose from a chance encounter of two Penn State engineering graduates who met in small desert town called Sierra Vista in southern Arizona. Ed Clapper had studied mechanical engineering and I took electrical engineering, but we both had long hair and aspirations of careers in rock music.  Bassist Jerre Lamar became stranded in Sierra Vista while touring with his band from Davenport, Iowa so he was ready and willing to make a new start with our new band. We first took the name Speedway (it was the first sign we saw when we stumbled out of Ten's Showclub, a topless bar on Speedway Boulevard in Tucson). Our original drummer, Kent Keeter was only in the band for a couple of months and then Ed invited a drummer he knew from Pennsylvania to come to Arizona. When Scott Towner joined, the name was changed to Alias for a couple of gigs until the Canadian supergroup "stole" our name and took their single "More Than Words Can Say" to number 2. So we had gone through two name changes before settling on ANTI-M, a play on words from Auntie Em from the Wizzard of Oz (and a nod to Anti-Matter in the logo that I developed).

Ed was the primary songwriter for all of the songs that were developed for the album with the exceptions of "Desert Ruins" which is the bass prelude to "Sand Kings" and "Broken Hero" which is a song that I co-wrote with Ed while riding in the back a van on a trip to Las Vegas. The band had become road warriors and had played the originals mixed in with our setlist of primarily cover tunes. The upbeat rockers "Love Is Dangerous" and "Counting The Heartbeats" were crowd favorites, but everyone agreed that the power ballad "Until The Fire's Gone" was the signature song from the release. This was the song that went on to have some limited airplay on radio stations in Sierra Vista, Tucson, and even on KUPD in Phoenix. It was also used in a feature film called "Open Arms". For more info about the band, click here or on the image above.    


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
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