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August 2020


Twenty Years Of Body Art 
by Mark Greenawalt

Neowise Comet over South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was August of the year 2000 that I painted the spider that set off two decades of illustration on human canvases. There have been so many highlights during the course of this adventure including trips to Europe, Asia, and all over the US. I've had the honor of painting several Playboy Playmates and painted at the Playboy Mansion twice. I've met so many cool models over the years and I've become friends with some of the worlds top body painters. A couple of years ago I self published a book of my works called Coats of Paint and I've actually assembled enough to put out a second book if I ever get the notion. I'd tell you more about the last 20 years, but that's what this newsletter and website have been chronicaling all of this time. Take a moment and go see the online portfolio and drop me a line to tell me your favorites.



The Alwun House Green Art Park     
by Mark Greenawalt

My Miracle Is You is an original song by songwriter Mark Greenawalt

After nearly a decade of planning and construction, the Alwun House is set to unveil the long awaited Green Art Park. I contributed to the project by completing the electrical engineering documents which included the lighting design. The lights I selected for the project are very unique oranic designs by a company called Landscape Forms. The park is located just north of Roosevelt Street on 12th Street in downtown Phoenix. It is "a Planned Unit Development (PUD), with 27 uniquely permitted uses; from First Friday art displays, musical and stage performances, select brew and food trucks. Movie Nights in House Gardens, surrounded by lush greenery, Koi ponds and appropriately spaced table seating," per Alwun House visionaries Kim Moody and Dana Johnson. For more information, visit


Woman Of The Mountain     
by Mark Greenawalt

warrior princess bodypainting with Anaiah

Here is a throwback to 2014 to the film Woman of the Mountain. I was enlisted by director Ryan Henry Johnston to adorn the actress Bobbi Jeen Olsen with gold bodypaint to play the title character. I was on set for two evenings at The Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. The film has won several laurels from various film festivals and the synopsis reads, "When mysterious gold shows up in the town, chaos quickly ensues, leaving it up to a sheriff to find the truth behind the Woman of the Mountain." I've become friends with quite a few people from the cast and crew from this project (for the full listing see the IMDB page at ).

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Mark Greenawalt
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