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VOL 15 ISSUE 9  

September 2020


Hiking The Hoodoos Of Bryce Canyon With My Mom 
by Mark Greenawalt

Bryce Canyon in Utah with Thor's Hammer and the other hoodoos.

My mother and I took a trip to see the unimaginable beauty of both Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in southwest Utah. Wow, what an incredible trip! I live in the Grand Canyon state so I've seen some pretty miraculous places, but I have to say that these two destinations easily made my top 10 list of the most beautiful places in the world. Despite our ages (53 and 83) we took the challenge to hike to the bottom and back up from Sunset Point. We survived the Navajo Loop trail that took us down past Wall Street and eventually back up by Thor's Hammer. We got a sticker saying "I hiked the HooDoos!" as a reward, but the experience was much more priceless.

I took over 1,300 pictures and almost randomly picked the shot above since there were so many to choose from. While we were on the trail, we did get caught in a passing cloud burst of rain that made the mud on our shoes 2" thick. Water got into my Canon 5Dm3 and shut it down completely just after taking the picture above (click it to expand and see Thor's Hammer). As fate would have it, a rainbow appeared just after my camera died. Fortunately, I opened my camera and set it on the heater when we got back to the hotel and it eventually came back to life. Hallelujah! Lots of stories, pictures, and memories from this trip with mom.


A Trip To Santa Barbara Zoo     
by Mark Greenawalt

American Bald Eagle at the Santa Barbara Zoo in California by Photographer Mark Greenawalt

More travel this month took me on a trip to Santa Barbara, California with Lori, Zane, and my neice Kelli. Kelli is currently living here in Arizona while attending vet school at Midwestern University. So with her interest in animals and my interest in photographing them, it was obvious that we needed to visit the Santa Barbara Zoo while we were in town. Here is a shot that I took of a majestic Bald Eagle. We had a great time in California and some of our excursions included the Santa Barbara Mission, the Court House, a stroll on Thousand Step Beach, and yes, we visited a dispensary since it's legal in CA. Tons of pictures to go through from this trip too. Maybe someday when I'm retired I'll take the time to go through and edit more shots for a distant edition of the Green Pages!


15 Year Anniversary of Being CopperCon Artist Guest of Honor     
by Mark Greenawalt

warrior princess bodypainting with Anaiah

Here is a throwback to 2005 when I was selected to be the Artist Guest of Honor for the 25th Anniversary of CopperCon. I did the pictured body painting for the program cover in a collaboration with model Courtney Black and photographer Don Crossland. This was such a fun project to create this original character (who I named Coppernica) using metallic airbrush paints and real mud from Sedona for the tribal look. This was the convention that I painted anyone who wanted to be painted until the sun came up the next morning. There are more stories and pics from this event on my website at ../bodypaint/courtney/coppercon25/CopperCon25.htm . It's fun to go back and find images like this that were never published before.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
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