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VOL 15 ISSUE 12  

December 2020


New Video Of Rainmaker Bodypainting And Digital Illustration     
by Mark Greenawalt

Bodypainting with liquid latex into digital fantasy illustration video tutorial

I collaborated with model Amiii and photographer Mondo to do this bodypainting way back in 2008. We video taped some of the bodypainting process and some of the photoshoot in the swimming pool. I released a short 1-minute video of clips on YouTube in 2013 that now has well over 14,000 views so this month I decided to release all of the video (including the footage of Amiii peeling off the paint at the end). I added a little video showing the digital illustration that I made from this photoshoot and also gave a little background into the inspiration and development of the project. Unfortunately the video footage wasn't the higher quality of videos today, but it is a fun look at the effort that went into the project and I included some pics of the photos that Mondo captured throughout the shoot, plus a couple of blooper outtakes. If you'd like to check it out on YouTube, here is the link .


Drone Show Of Holiday Lights     
by Mark Greenawalt

Light Show of Drones in the Sky for Walmart Holiday show.

We enjoy going around town and seeing the holiday lights in December. This year we got a special treat when the Walmart Holiday Light Drone Show came to town. My friend Ed Clapper works on the Intel Drone Team and he informed me that the show was free, but that tickets had "sold out" quickly in other locations so act fast. The event took place over the Phoenix International Raceway stadium and we practiced social distancing by viewing the skies from the parking lot beside our cars. It was my son Sage's birthday, but he couldn't attend due to a scare of a co-worker testing positive for the Corona Virus. His wife Savanna though brought the three grandkids and joined Lori, Zane, and I. It was pretty awesome and the lights were much brighter than the first time I watched a drone show. Video doesn't quite do it justice, but I did video the entire show and posted it on my YouTube channel. If you'd like to check it out on YouTube, here is the link .


Festive Holiday Lights At The Greenawalt Residence     
by Mark Greenawalt

Christmas lights at the Greenawalt residence in 2020.

There was no doubt that Christmas was on it's way at the Greenawalt residence. Here is a quick iPhone pic of our Christmas tree and the exterior lights that we put up this year. It was definitely a strange year living through the pandemic, but overall we feel very blessed to all have our health and ironically we had a pretty good life this year despite the state of the world. Lori got me some cool shirts for live performances on if they would just open up the stages again I might find the courage to start performing again. Sage got me some drumsticks that lightup when they impact the drum so I hope to show them off in an upcoming music video someday soon. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

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