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September 2022


New Song - Badass Girl   
by Mark Greenawalt

Badass Girl is an orginal song by Singer Songwriter Mark Greenawalt

My latest original song started with a keyboard riff through some distortion to give that Deep Purple crunch to a Fender Rhodes. It's a simple riff, but I found it to be an intersting progression and then proceeded to produce some ambient sounds around it. This song builds and with electronic drums sounds to a full acoustic-sounding kit. It's basically a blues riff, but I cheated a bit by adding some major notes and some chromatic runs throughout for the fun of it. My favorite line in the lyric references when Princess Leiah said she loved Han Solo and he just replied, "I know."

I try not to use rique images for my musical endeavors, but the mood and lyric of this song just make me think of the photoshoot that I did with Meg B several years ago in a reflection pool. I added some posterizing effect in photoshop and let the song title be a modesty cover, but I think it is still pretty 'badass'! There is a lyric video available now on Youtube and the song is available on all of the streaming platforms to download. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Architectural Photography Published In Iconic Life Magazine   
by Mark Greenawalt

Iconic Life Magazine featuring architectural photography by Mark Greenawalt for Creative Designs in Lighting

I had two of my architectural photography images included in the fall 2022 printed issue of ICONIC LIFE magazine and an additional two published on their online website. The primary shot was a full page advertisement that I did for Creative Designs In Lighting and the others were part of an editorial section about lighting designer Walter Spitz. The first image showcases the full moon lunar eclipse over the spire at the Arizona Biltmore Resort over the Aztec Ballroom. The second image is the Wexford Phoenix Biomedical Campus Innovation Center at the downtown campus of Arizona State University (this one just so happens to be the project that I won the IES lighting design award for a couple of months ago. Click on the photo above for the PDF tearsheet or to check out the magazine online, go to . Also note that the other three images can also be found on the ICONIC LIFE magazine website at . These include photos that I shot of fireworks at Marina Heights in Tempe, Saddlebrook Grill in Tucson, and the Spire Bar at The Arizona Biltmore Resort.


My Father-In-Law, Frank Mills, Will Be Missed By Many      
by Mark Greenawalt

Frank Mills

Lori's father passed away on September 20th, 2022. She was able to fly back to Maryland in time to be there with him when he took his last breath. This picture shows him in happier times wearing the Nashville, Tennessee ballcap that he got when he visited us when we lived there. Frank help us out with lots of projects when he would visit, like replacing the wood fence around our back yard when we lived in Mesa. I was honored to be asked to be a pall bearer and Lori wrote his obituary, which you can find online here . On the plane ride coming back home, I wrote down a few words in the form of a poem to remember him by. The words are from the perspective of his daughter and the idea was inspired by Lori's sister Debbie saying that sometimes it was hard to live with him and now they'll have to learn to live without him. We will miss you Frank!

A simple man with calloused hands
Hammering each nail per blueprint plans
A family man who understands
He must work each day for us the best he can

There was a whole lot of love
Though he never let it show
There was a whole lot about him
I guess we'll never know

It was hard to learn to live with him
He was a father through and through
It was hard to learn our lessons
The times we'd pay for what we'd do
It's easy to forget
What we must have put him through
It was hard to learn to live with him
Now to learn to live without him is the hardest thing to do

A good husband with a growing clan
Hammering life lessons so we would understand
Gentle hands could still reprimand
Turned sisters into women and brothers into men

There was a lot of love
Back when we couldn't see
Took a whole lot of time
Now we miss him so dearly



E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

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