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August 2023


Bodypainting On Botched Television Show   
by Mark Greenawalt

Botched tv series with plastic surgery mishaps - Bodypainting with Nicole

When I used liquid latex for my first attempt at bodypainting, I had no idea how many opportunities this product and this artform would bring to me. Here is another one. The producers of the TV show Botched were looking for a bodypainter to do some on-camera bodypainting for a segment that aired in Season 8, Episode 5. They had first reached out to my friend and reknown bodypaint artist Pashur who lives in the LA area. Since he does not typically use liquid latex for painting, he referred them to me and I'm so glad that he did. I almost lost the gig when they learned that I was in Phoenix, but we eventually worked it out for me to be in the Hollywood studio earlier this year in March. My model/actress was Nicole (instagram @nicoleristinaxo) who was on the show considering having plastic surgery to remove injections in her cheek that have been drifting down. I worked with the production team to design a minimalistic outfit that could be completed in the required timeframe and that would highlight the plastic surgeries that she has had done. We settled on a color scheme of pink and white liquid latex from Maximum Impact. It was a great experience and the crew was wonderful to work it gave me another credit on IMDB to boot! Click here to see a video capture of my "one minute of fame" while on the show and then continue to E! websites or Amazon Prime if you'd like to download the full episode for the rest of the story.

Best of Bega Contest Winner and Honorable Mention    
by Mark Greenawalt

Best of Bega contest winner Grand at Papago Park 2023 top honors

The Best of Bega is "an annual lighting design competition highlighting the best work in the industry, recognizing projects for their innovation, excellence, and creativity." I had entered two projects into this competition last year and neither received any placements in 2022. Luckily, there was an opportunity to resubmit them in 2023. This time both took home honors. The project that took top honors is the Grand at Papago Park Center in Tempe, Arizona near the Preist Drive exit from the 202 Freeway. The large water feature at the center of this propery pays homage to Roosevelt Dam and it truly is inspiring to see. The commercial office building seen in the background and the beautifully landscaped multipurpose path were previously honored with Illumination Awards from the Illumination Engineers Society (IES). For more images and information, visit and .

Best of Bega contest winner Grand at Papago Park 2023 top honors

The other project I entered was the Arizona Biltmore Resort. This project also recently received two awards in the local and national IES Illumination Awards and now has also been bestowed the honorable mention award for the Best of Bega competition. I'd like to think that I "out did" myself this year. More pictures of the Biltmore can also be seen at the links above.


Look! Up In The Sky! It's A Moon! It's A Blue Moon! No, It's A Blue Super Moon!!!    
by Mark Greenawalt

Once in a blue moon on August 31 2023 Astro photography

We had a once in a blue moon moment in August this year. This was not only a blue moon, but also a super moon. The term blue moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon, it just means that this was our second full moon within the calender month of August. The fact that it was a super moon also sounds really impressive and it does mean that the moon is a bit closer to Earth due to it's oblong orbit, but it really doesn't look that much bigger to the naked eye. It's fun to dabble in astrophotography with the same camera that I intended for shooting models, architecture, and landscapes. For this shot I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the lens was Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM with a 2x doubler and I was zoomed in all the way to effectively 400mm. My ISO was clear up at 3,200, aperture at 6, and shutter speed at 1/400.


Other notes from this month were several concerts that Lori and I attended including the Offspring (with Simple Plan and Sum 41), Post Malone (with Fossils), Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top (with Uncle Cracker), Mudvayne (with Butcher Babies, Gwar, Coal Chamber, and Nonpoint), Boy George with Culture Club (with Berlin and Howard Jones), Foreigner (with Loverboy). Lots of music on the lawn.

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