The Green Pages
August 1999

Kristy Deck CD Available
by Mark Greenawalt

I had the opportunity to be the photographer on a new CD by Nashville singer/songwriter Kristy Deck.  We did a photo shoot in Hendersonville, TN and ended up going through about 5 rolls of film in about 5 hours.  Kristy's CD title is "Sunbathin' in the Nude" which is also the title of one of the songs that she wrote for the release.   The cover leaves little to the imagination...tastefully.  The CD insert graphics can be found on the Future-Class X web site at .

The CD is available by mail from Kristy for $10.00 (plus S&H) and you can reach her at [email protected] .  I plan on getting a few copies to sell and help promote her to the world (and my photography to boot)!  Kristy is well on her way to the big time.  In fact, in the past two weeks she has opened for Alabama at two shows and opened another show for Billy Ray Cyrus.  This CD had a limited printing of 1,000 copies and may be a collectors item someday!  Those of you in the Nashville area can see her perform at the Italian Street Fair on Sunday, September 5th (that same day you can also see Amy Hailstone and Mandy Barnett).

A Return To Songwriting
by Mark Greenawalt

In the past months I've followed the muse of art and photography and the songwriting muse has been neglected.  I sense a changing wind bringing me back on course for music creation.  Dawna Bradford and I have completed the bluesy "Love Ain't Just About You" and have started a new song in the vein of Melissa Etheridge.  There is another song that Dawna has started that I hope to collaborate on enough to get co-writing credit.  This song has a tendency toward the doo-whop sound of an a capella it country?  It will be when we're done with it.  Of course our first collaboration, "Time for Me" is available on her new CD sampler.

I have also been working on several of my own songs including one about a father-son relationship based on the Disney story Peter Pan.  Another song was written for Dawna Bradfords wedding, but ended up being too "rock" for a wedding, but just right for my style called "Love is in the Air".  My CD project, entitled "Prototype", has been put on hold for the time being...I forgot how time consuming a newborn baby can be.  I have chosen to include a song on it from an outside writer, my close friend Chris St.Croix.  The song is called "I Can't Stop Lovin' You".  I may include some other writers also.  Send me demos if your interested.

Limited Edition Prints by Me
by Mark Greenawalt

Mill's Barn.  This is a pencil drawing that I whipped up for my sister-in-law, Debbie Mills, of a barn located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  A business associate, H.C. Clark, provided the photograph of this rustic scene and most of the drawing was completed on airplane flights to and from Nebraska.  Well I have decided to join the ranks of professional artists and will be selling a set of limited edition lithograph prints of this drawing that are individually signed and numbered.  The set will be limited to 200 prints and the publisher, Future-Class X Publishing of course, will be asking for $20.00 per print.  I have secured a consignment deal with several local art shops to display it for $40.00 per print.

To see the artwork, you can visit the Future-Class X Art Gallery or you can just click here to see it.   If you are interested in purchasing a print, e-mail [email protected] and I'll give you a mailing address and payment information.

Other art projects that I have been squeezing in include a new pencil drawing of a vampire with a nude woman, a water color painting of a sentinel at sunrise, a pen & ink of a knight coming from a battle, and computer generated nude with a panther.  I have also developed a new interest in body painting and have started a web page with some cool examples (caution: some nudity).

Shutter Bug Fever
by Mark Greenawalt

I've been going through film like a madman, however I have not been to a state capital for the past two months (besides Nashville obviously).  I've shot pictures of my new son and my 5-year-old kindergartner.  I've shot pictures of job sites for my engineering firm.  I entered the realm of concert photography by shooting Sherrié Austin at the Wild Horse.  I spent opening night for the new Tennessee Titans photographing the new Adelphia Coliseum (designed by my engineering firm btw).  I had a photo session with a friend from work (who happens to be my bosses daughter).  And lastly, I've had several photos enlarged to be entered in the Tennessee State Fair.  Fun, fun, fun, . . . now who's next?

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

copyright 1999, Mark Greenawalt