The Green Pages
September 1999

Award Winning Artist
by Mark Greenawalt

Last month I wrote about the photographs that I had entered in the Tennessee State Fair photography competition.  The photos included one of Sherrie Austin in concert at the Wildhorse, another of a squirrel on the Texas state capital grounds, and another of the Colorado state capital building.  I felt pretty confident that at least one of these would garner a ribbon, at least a third place...wrong!

However, as I was heading out to enter these photos in the competition, I passed by an older water color painting that I had completed.  I thought, "What the heck", I had nothing to loose.  And to my surprise, it took first place and I have the ribbon to prove it.  I laughed out loud when I found out that it was a winner and that my photos didn't even muster up an honorable mention.  The water color painting is called "Voluntary Exile" and you can see it in the Future-Class X Publishing's art gallery or by entering .  Check it out and comment if you would like.

The Molly Reid Project
by Mark Greenawalt

I have been fortunate enough to get hooked up with another talented recording artist here in Nashville this month.  Her name is Molly Reid and she hails from Louisville, Kentucky.  Her lead guitarist happens to be a draftsman that I work with at I.C. Thomasson Associates (my day job) and he asked if I'd be interested in playing acoustic guitar for a video taping performance.  I said sure and before I knew it, I was invited to join them in the studio (Masterlinks Recording Studio) and ended up playing my acoustic on every song.  It's always a blast to get to go into a major recording studio and "lay some tracks"...especially when someone else is footing the bill.

I was also able to sneak a couple of photos of Molly during the video shoot on September 26th and have incorporated them into her web page.  If you have a java-enabled web browser you should be able to see the water move on the new page that I have designed for her.  The address is .  Sound files should be available soon!

Talk about ironic.  Just last month I photographed Kristy Deck for her CD cover and this month I go into the studio with Molly Reid and record the song "Don't Lonely Me"...a song that Kristy wrote and also included on her CD.  Small world and seemingly getting smaller.

Stuff For Sale
by Mark Greenawalt

As I mentioned last month, I have printed a limited edition of 200 lithographs of a pencil drawing of mine entitled "Mill's Barn".  Future-Class X Publishing will be selling these prints for a low, low price of only $20.00 per print (unframed), a bargain wouldn't you say?  To see the artwork, you can visit the Future-Class X Art Gallery or you can just click here to see it.   If you are interested in purchasing a print, e-mail [email protected] and I'll give you a mailing address and payment information.

Last month's Green Pages also introduced Kristy Deck's new CD, Sunbathin' in the Nude.  Having been the photographer for the CD cover and inserts, I am promoting the CD to help Kristy and to further expose my photography (pun intended!).  Her CD is $10.00 and contains 9 songs.  For more information, you can check out her web page at .  Some of my other friends are selling CD's also that I can hook you up with (Terry Michael, John Griffin, Dawna Bradford, Leeanne Savage, and Chris St.Croix).

I moved here to Nashville to be a become a professional songwriter.  I've got plenty of songs for sale now too!  If your an artist looking for material, you've come to the right place.

Other Tidbits
by Mark Greenawalt

I'll be heading off to Phoenix, Arizona this month for some rest and relaxation.  While there I intend to take a picture of the state capital building, drive by my old house, attend a wedding, and most importantly, throw a bachelor party!!!  It's finally gonna happen, my best friend is getting married.  Ed Clapper, former guitarist for ANTI-M (and vocalist for Jam Samich), will be tying the knot with his long time companion, the beautiful Miss Connie Cooper.  Congratulations in advance guys!!!

In other news, the Dawna Bradford project will be back out on the town in the month of October.  Joining the band for the upcoming shows are Andy Most on guitar, Joey Hicks on drums, and Tom Lyle and myself will remain on bass and acoustic guitar respectively.  Guitarist Greg Morton and Sean Fuller are still here in town pursuing other musical endeavors and I'll keep you all posted as I hear of their progress.

My five year old has lost two of his teeth.  My two month old is cutting his first tooth.  Sage has started kindergarten and is enrolled in Karate and Soccer.  My wife Lori has quit her job at the IRS to become a stay at home mom.

In general, as always, life is good!  Ain't it?!!

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

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