The Green Pages
November 1999

Dawna Showcasing at Douglas Corner
by Mark Greenawalt

Your invited!  In fact, an invitation is waiting for you at  I'd love to be a name dropper and tell you some of the industry people that have already RSVP'ed, but I'm sworn to secrecy.  It's been a long time coming for Dawna to get this opportunity and I wish her the best of luck.  She and I have been working together for about 3 years now.  Dawna's producers have hired a band of session musicians for this showcase, so I intend on being out in the audience myself, heckling when appropriate.  I guess this will be the first time I've ever gone to see Dawna singing at a club.  Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 17th at 6:00pm at Douglas Corner Cafe here in Nashville.

Dawna has finished recording her CD and I got to listen to an advance copy of it.  I think she's got a winner here.  I did a photo shoot with Dawna for the cover of the CD and you can check out some of the images at .  Let me know which ones you like. 

Starving Artist Sells His Wares
by Mark Greenawalt

Well I'm not really starving, but I am selling some artwork.  It's the limited edition print of the old rustic barn pencil drawing entitled Mill's Barn.  Issue number 8 of 200 is currently on sale on Ebay and can be found at .  The opening bid is at $20.00 which I think is a fair price (although I am very biased, of course).  So far I have sold prints to people in New Hampshire, Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, and Tennessee.

Once again this month I have added a few new pieces of artwork to the Future-Class X Publishing Art Gallery.  The first is a pencil drawing of the country singer Terri Clark from a cover of Music Row magazine.  Also new in the Nudes section of the site is a pencil drawing of a mermaid.  This drawing is entitled Neptune's Daughter.

There are a lot of other new items at and I have spent a little time rearranging several areas of the site.  There is now a separate photography portfolio which used to be lumped in with the art gallery.  I'm also working on a music section that is currently under construction.  You may have to reload some portions of the web site to see the changes.

Notable Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-My deepest sympathy goes out to our bass player Tom Lyle on the passing of his sister Janine Lyle.  I can't even imagine how much sorrow that must bring, but I pray you'll find the strength to smile as you remember the good times.

-Country artist Lisa Brokop (Columbia Records) was in the audience at a recent show at the Boardwalk Cafe.  She seemed to have a good time.

-I recently bought a disposable underwater 35mm camera.  I am hoping to do my first underwater photo shoot during the week of Thanksgiving.  Someone on this mailing list will be the subject, but she doesn't know it yet.  Who knows, it could be you!

-I stood at the geographic center of the United States this month.  It's in Kansas, just across the boarder from Hastings, Nebraska.

-Odd.  No gigs scheduled.  Not even for New Years.  That's peculiar.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you for your continued interest in Future-Class X Publishing.

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt
[email protected]

It's wide open!

Gaylord Entertainment Center (Formerly the Nashville Arena)
January 8th, 2000 with Ashley Hayes

copyright 1999, Mark Greenawalt