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Welcome to the "Alwun House Exotic 2006" bodypainting webpage.  These bodypaintings were part of the annual exotic art show held at the Alwun House in Phoenix, Arizona.  The date of this year's event was Friday the 10th of February 2006.

 This year I had a stage show planned and a model lined up.  I won't reveal all of the details, but I had an exotic headdress rented and several props, but as fate would have it, the model never showed up.  I might have been stressed and very upset about this, but as it turned out, I had several volunteers from the crowd and stayed busy painting all night long.  I'll have to save the original idea for another day.

There was a sexy woman in a naughty nurse outfit that was mingling through the crowd.  She had caught my eye from a distance and I wondered if she would be interested in getting painted.  It wasn't until she got closer that I realized that it was Jill Valdisar, a model that I had worked with on two other projects.  Luckily, she was interested in being painted and we brainstormed some ideas.  While we were discussing our options, a stunning woman in a tight red dress asked to interview us.  Her name is Kimber, also a model that I previously worked with.  After the interview, Jill and I decided that it might be cool to paint Kimber's sexy body on Jill.  As you can see from the main picture above, I got a little carried away and removed her red dress and added some fire balls where the painted hands caressed the nipples.  It was a free-hand painting on a living canvas so the proportions may not have been perfect, but the painting got a "warm" reception from the Alwun House attendees anyway.  Here is a snapshot of Kimber interviewing one of the other volunteers.

Next up was Kara Kay, an extremely talented singer and theatrical performer, musician, and dancer.  For her painting I opted to keep the idea a little ethereal and design around her flowing outfit of pink silks and red velvet.  Kara was one of the performers for the evening and played her set wearing the bodypainting designs.  

Kara Kay live dance and musical performer

In 2002, I painted an Earth and Moon on a volunteer from the audience.  Her name was Sheila and she was a friend of Kay (the model who was painted as the Queen of Diamonds ).  I have since gotten to know her pretty well and her husband Evo Terra of Dragon Page fame.  Last year I did tigress bodypainting with her at the CopperCon sci-fi convention and she was on-hand again at this years Exotic Art Show.  We opted this time to do something sci-fi for her painting and for some reason I came up with an alien eating the Earth like an apple.  Who knows why that idea came to mind, but it turned out to be a fun little project and there were some really neat sculptures on display that added to the imagery.  Here is a shot of Sheila's bodypainting. 

There were two other volunteers who asked to be painted throughout the night.  The first was a black and gold bustier that was painted on Rachel and the second was a lilly pad on the firm leg of a vivacious dirty blonde (I can't for the life of me remember what her name was, e-mail me if you recognize her).  She asked for a flower painting and described what she wanted this to look like.  I hope it looks at least a little bit like what she had in mind.

Alwun House bodypaint bustier lilley pad body art on blondes leg

Besides doing the bodypainting demo in the basement, I also had three of my 2-dimensional art pieces on display at the exhibition.  Here are the pictures that were chosen.

Nude pencil drawing of woman in panty hose Nude pencil drawing of woman in black boots Nude water color painting of woman on the beach 

If you are interested in ordering a print from this photoshoot or would like additional information on bodypainting, please feel free to contact [email protected] and visit my website at www.futureclassx.com .



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