c2002 Painting and photo by Mark Greenawalt

They called it Millenium Pandemonium as they rang in the new year at Axis-Radius nightclub in Scottsdale on December 31st, 2000.  The theme was "It's a Jungle Out There" and the promoter, Alfredo of G-spot Productions, redecorated the entire venue with a jungle motif.   I was hired by Alfredo to paint several models as wild animals who would then dance in cages in the "jungle". 

To promote the event, I did a live television bodypainting demonstration on 3TV's Good Morning Arizona.  This show was on the 30th of December and I started painting the model at about 6a.m. while being interviewed by newscaster Scott Pasmore.  Click the picture below for more on this television segment.
Leopard bodypainting

On the 31st I started the first bodypainting at about 10a.m.  The first model was Tanya Mendes who was painted to be a cheetah.  This painting was done outside on the sidewalk in front of Axis-Radius and attracted a police cruiser who drove by 3 times, but luckily never stopped.  As it turned out, Tanya was not able to attend the party that night, however, a 3TV news crew showed up around 2:00 and interviewed Tanya and I for the evening news.  They also used a short clip of Tanya dancing in one of the cages (see picture below).  One photo of Tanya's cheetah painting was included in an article in Airbrush Action magazine and also in my 2002 Bodypainting Calendar.

The rest of the bodypaintings were completed at the promoters residence.  I once again painted a snow leopard for the evening, however, a few things were changed from the 3TV painting.  I didn't use the brown and instead used airbrushed gray with the sponged-on black liquid latex splotches.  Also instead of doing the full face painting, I limited it to the nose and whisker areas so that her make-up could show off more of her beauty.  Glitter was added to the outfit and a feather boa to complete the image.  One of these pictures was also included in the Airbrush Action magazine article. 
second leopard bodypainting

Next up was fitness model Brandi Wheeler who has been featured in numerous bodybuilding magazines including a recent photo in Ironman Magazine.  For her bodypainting I airbrushed a white tiger pattern.  My contribution to her outfit was minimal compared to all of the accessories that she added.  She wore evil looking contact lenses, a spiked choker, and a little black leather outfit that brought the word dominatrix to mind.

The last two bodypaintings that were completed for the evening were the Peacock motif on Justine (who has since moved to California) and my first male bodypainting of an upper torso tiger pattern.

At the end of the night, after dancing in cages and walking around the packed club, most of the paint was still in tact.  I used Ben-Nye liquid make-ups for all of the airbrush work and Maximum Impact liquid latex on Justine's peacock outfit.

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