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Body painting is a fleeting work of art on a full motion canvas.  Photography captures the image and allows it to be displayed after the "original" has long since washed away.  This site has been created to exhibit these evanescent works of art.

Pin-up bodypainting Air Force Theme
bodypainted bikini on JenAmber
Fantasy bodypainting with Aniah
ice princess
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Hell Bent For Leather with Liquid Latex on Jen Amber
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Playboy Mansion Playmate Beth Williams
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Thousand Faces Dynamic Body Art
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Dark Phoenix Bodypaint with Hannah Petro
Mirage Fantasy Promotion pool party
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Sif from LepreCon Bodypainting Demo
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Amiii at the blue ball with a fetish theme bodypainting  


Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

E-mail:  [email protected] 

For quotes on commissioned works, send all details of project or event.  Rates vary depending on complexity, coverage, time-frame, and location, but generally start as low as $500.  Send an e-mail to request additional contact information.  

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