Ring girl in the cage





Live at the Dodge Theater
Phoenix, Arizona

August 7th, 2004

Welcome to the UPN-45 "Rage In The Cage" bodypainting webpage.  This bodypainting was for the ring girls for the August 7th 2004 Rage In The Cage event held at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.  The event was taped to air on UPN-45 television station.

Bodypainted ring girl for Rage in the Cage

Melissa Sweeney, promotion writer/producer for UPN 45 here in Phoenix, was given the task of gaining the attention of a younger, more "hip" viewing audience for the television station.  She pitched the idea of having the ring girls in body paint for the live taping of Rage in the Cage and somehow talked her boss into giving her the green light on the project.  Melissa contacted her friend Leslie who had done bodypainting projects at Alice Cooperstown Restaurant.  Leslie signed on to do the project.

O.K.  So one night I'm kicking back watching the ballgame and my friend Don Crossland calls from Sonik Magazine and says there is someone there that wants to talk to me.  He puts Leslie on the phone and she tells me that she is going to be painting the ring girls for the UPN Rage in the Cage on Saturday.  Don had shown her my website and she asked me if I wanted to paint one of the two girls and she would paint the other.  Obviously I did!

Arriving at the Dodge Theater, Leslie and I were given the V.I.P. treatment as we were escorted to the backstage dressing rooms.  The models arrived shortly thereafter and both were surprised to learn what this assignment had in store for them.  They realized that there was going to be bodypainting involved, but they were not made aware that they would be topless in front of the packed auditorium and the countless others in the television viewing audience.  Leslie was able to coerce them by showing them the poloroid picture from the practice bodypainting she had done the previous night on Leslie.  I also had my portfolio along with me to show them some of my previous bodypaintings.

Once the models Jennifer and Danielle were on-board with the idea, they were awesome to work with.  They are managed by CEG agency and can often be seen as the professional dancers at Scottsdale's upscale nightclub, Axis-Radius.  Also joining the artistic team for this project was make-up artist Tara Sissel from the Parlor in Scottsdale.  Tara gave the girls a very colorful and glittery make-up and brought the blue and purple wigs to top off the look.  I think the wigs were a real hit, but it is a shame that you don't get to see Danielle's beautiful auburn curls and Jennifer's long blonde California hair.  Pictured here are Tara, Melissa, and Leslie.

Tara Sissel, Melissa Sweeney, and Leslie


Once it was showtime, Jennifer and Danielle were joined by several models from Arizona Dreamgirls, who would also be taking turns at being ring girls, but who had "real" tops on instead of just paint.  After all of the fighters were introduced to the packed crowd all of the ring girls took a trip around the ring to the tune of hooting and hollering from the cage fighting fans.  Jennifer was the model that I painted and who was wearing the blue wig was the first ring girl for fight number one.  She strutted around the stage holding up the round one card and sporting a painted-on UPN 45 tank top and the words "Get It On" painted on her lower back.  Everything was going great.

Time out, sports fans.  This is where the story takes a sad turn for artistic freedom.  Someone from the network decided that bodypainting was a little too risqué.   Jennifer and Danielle were instructed to put on shirts for the rest of the night.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of them in the ring before they were covered, but here is a shot of them with the Arizona Dreamgirls and one shot of Jennifer in the ring later in the evening.

Arizona Dream Girls live event  Ring girl in the cage

  I guess there are a few of you who have found this webpage hoping to find out something about the actual Rage in the Cage event and can't believe that I can ramble on so long about painting some ring girls.  Well the truth of the matter is that this was the first time I had ever been to one of these events.  This was apparently Rage in the Cage number 64 and I do know that the last two fights were actually title fights.  As the night progressed, I must admit that I was glued to the action and the culmination of a knock-out punch the end the night was awesome.  Below are two shots that I took of the winner of this fight, Homer Moore.  Also below that you will find the results of the other fights from the evening. 

 RITC 64 - Results
Homer wins by vicious KO

Knock Out champion Homer Moore Homer Moore rage in the cage fighter
RITC 64 played to a packed Dodge Theater crowd. Diabolic provided live music and two huge JumboTrons offered close up action for all in attendance.

Highlights included a vicious KO by Homer Moore in one Main Event and a hard earned split decision win by Brodie Farber, to retain the RITC Middleweight title, in the other Main Event.

Homer's dramatic finish earned him Fighter of the Night ( FOTN ) honors. Other candidates for FOTN were Nick Hedrick, Cameron Mayer, Darrell Parrish, Carlos Ortega, Ed West, Gabe Rivas, Joe Grant, Matt Hendricks, Steve Sayegh and Brodie Farber.


Fight #1

Nick Hedrick ( 142 ), AMAC
won by ref stoppage ( strikes ), 1:35 Rd 1
Donald Paskiewiez ( 136 ), Brausa Academy

Fight #2

Cameron Mayer ( 137 ), Black Tiger Fighting Rebellion
won by submission ( choke ), :54 Rd 1
Brandon Oliver ( 139 ), Brausa Academy

Fight #3

Darrell Parrish ( 152 ), Evil Jedi Knight's Club
won by injury stoppage ( knee ), 3:00 Rd 1
Justin Popovich ( 147 ), Black Tiger Fighting Rebellion

Fight #4

Carlos Ortega ( 156 ), AZ Jiu-Jitsu
won by submission ( arm bar ), 2:59 Rd 1
Matt VerHalen ( 143 ), AMAC

Fight #5

Ed West ( 147 ), Tucson Judo
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Chris David ( 146 ), San Diego Black Tiger

Fight #6

Gabe Rivas ( 167 ), AZ Jiu-Jitsu
won by TKO, :34 Rd 1
Kyle Sprouse ( 158 ), Freestyle

Fight #7

Joe Grant ( 253 ), Team Junkyard
won by submission ( arm bar ), 2:22 Rd 1
Matt Houser ( 240 ), One Kicks Gym / Ricardo Cavalcanti

Fight #8

Matt Hendricks ( 178 ), San Diego Black Tiger
won by submission ( choke ), :39 Rd 2
RJ Gamez ( 177 ), Az Punishment

Fight #9

Steve Sayegh ( 217 ), AMAC
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Rich Alten ( 220 ), Ryan Defence Systems

Fight #10 ( Main Event )

Brodie Farber ( 184 ), San Diego Black Tiger
won by decision ( 2-1 )
Hans Marrero ( 188 ), Marrero's Combat Academy

Fight #11 ( Main Event )

Homer Moore ( 207 ), Brausa Academy
won by KO, 2:17 Rd 2
Shane Johnson ( 214 ), Tucson Judo


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