Clip Magazine's 2-Year Party with Axis-Radius

Wednesday March 22, 2006  -  Axis-Radius in Scottsdale, Arizona
Sponsored by Heineken

The go-go dancers from Axis-Radius were once again adorned in bodypaint to help celebrate the the two-year anniversary of the wildly successful Latin nights at the hip Scottsdale nightclub orchestrated by Clip Magazine.  Clip Magazine is a Phoenix based magazine that is primarily focused on the nightlife, arts & entertainment, and events for Hispanics and Latinos here in the valley.  The parties that they have thrown at Axis-Radius have been stellar and this night was no exception as Heineken sponsored the bodypainting and brought tons of swag.

Two of the dancers that I painted were also painted for a previous party when the Spanish version of Maxim Magazine was in town doing a model search.  Kesia and Kenna can be seen painted with the Maxim logo as well as the Anhueser Busch logo on the Enfocate page at .  For the 2-year anniversary they were joined by Leysha and my assignment was to paint two of the girls with the Heineken logo and the third girl with the number "2" to represent the 2nd anniversary.  While I was brainstorming ideas, Leysha made it clear that she really wanted to be painted as a cheetah.

I tried to dissuade her, but it's just so damn hard to say no to sexy go-go dancers and I ended up painting her as a cheetah with a Heineken logo covering her left breast.  Just to add a little-something-extra, I decided to paint a T-shirt on her that looked like it had been nearly torn off and for that finishing touch, I added some scratch marks on her face.

Next up was Kesia.  Just to keep the theme going, she was painted with a tiger motif to match Leysha's cheetah bodypainting.  Instead of the scratches though, Kesia's finishing touch was a little black tiger nose.

The third dancer was Kenna.  It would have been fun to continue with the wild cat theme, but the marching orders were to do a big number two.  I drew my inspiration from the birthday candles that you can get shaped like numbers and added a banner with the word "anniversary" written on it.  Instead of just lighting the candle at the wick, I set the whole thing on fire and then had the fire wrap around her back.

Realizing that we hadn't painted the Clip Magazine logo anywhere, we tracked down two other go-go dancers who were wearing coordinated purple outfits.  I painted the logo on their bellies and then all of the dancers were off to entertain the crowds.

For this project I used Totally Tattoo paints and Badger equipment.  I also did all of the photography myself using my new Alien Bee pro lighting set up.  This was a very fun event and the people from Clip Magazine were wonderful to work with.  Here are a few more shots from the event.

Two cat bodypaintings with Heineken bottle caps
Clip Magazine logo painted on Axis Go-go dancer
Kesia at the Clip Magazine party in Scottsdale
Ashley with special effects cat scratches
two year anniversary party bodypainting on Kenna


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