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Alluring photos in studio and natural light settings of people.

CD Cover for recording artist Miss Krystle
Published CD Cover for Miss Krystle

Gaines Brothers
R&B Duo The Gaines Brothers
2004 Miss America Erika Dunlap
2004 Miss America Erika Dunlap
Celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian


Lux at the Arizona Biltmore Resort at the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass of Saguaros. Ariana Gonzales at Frank Lloyd Wright house designed for his son. Lindsey Lockwood for a book cover Blood From A Rose Lindsey Lockwood for a book cover Blood From A Rose
Recording artist Miss Krystle Red outfit is touched by a rim light of red while soft light illuminates her determined face.
Tranlucent spandex material reveals the form and figure of model Julianna as the backlighting blasts through the fog.
Vanishing points lead to Aurora shrouded within the gossimer drape.
Lingerie glamour photograpy with warm skin tones on a cool blue backdrop
Model photoshoot with Tayler Vomacka.
Long legs ready to kick it out!
Model photoshoot with Tayler Vomacka.
Ballarina Amber Skaggs of The Phoenix Ballet photographed for an ad for Creative Designs in Lighting. Model Amy Wicker spins a Dancing With The Stars Dress. Natural sunlight shines through a window providing stark sidelighting but also providing ample reflected light into the shadows grazing the toned figure of model Aurora. Model photoshoot with Tayler Vomacka.




Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


For quotes on commissioned works, send all details of project or event.  Rates vary depending on complexity, coverage, time-frame, and location, but generally start as low as $500.  Send an e-mail to request additional contact information.  

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