The Green Pages
July 2001

I'm Nationwide  
by Mark Greenawalt

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  It's the August issue of Airbrush Action magazine and it's in most bookstores across the nation now.  Yes, the rumors were true.  My cheetah body painting is a two-page centerfold and there are four of my other body paintings included in the layout.  My new year's resolution was to get the cover of a national magazine and this is a pretty close second.

I want to thank the models that essentially donated their time to make this possible and they are Tanya Mendes, Rachel DeBoer, Kay Kochman, and Amy Wicker.  I also want to thank Cliff Stieglitz, the publisher of the magazine, for believing in my work and inviting me to Las Vegas for the Airbrush Action Getaway where he interviewed me.  Thanks also to Kate Priest, the magazine's editor, who wrote the article (congrats Kate on your brand new baby boy too!).  Other important thanks go out to my helpers, Rachel Deboer again (when she wasn't modeling) and Ed Clapper for the digital imaging, and of course mostly my wife for allowing me to indulge in this fantastic art form.  I'm not trying to make this sound like an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony, but I do feel very honored to get this national recognition and I know that it took a team to make it happen.


God Blessed Texas
by Mark Greenawalt

Well I have to confess that I lied in last months newsletter when I said that Dawna Bradford and I would be co-writing a new song while she visited.  There just wasn't enough time.  However, there was enough time to get the paints out and do a bodypainting of the Texas flag on her back.  We did the photoshoot at a place called Scorpion Gulch at the base of South Mountain here in Phoenix.  Pure Texans will realize that the star needs to be rotated slightly, but they will have to admit that this is a pretty sexy salute to the Lone Star State anyway.  You can view the larger version on my bodypainting web page.

For those of you who are new to my newsletter and haven't heard of Dawna, you owe it to yourself to go listen to her songs at and visit her webpage at .  She is getting some strong interest lately in her song, "The Letter", and this is your chance to hear the song before it gets on the radio.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-Next month I will be holding a salon for The Spirit of the Senses.  For this show I will be having a slideshow and doing a live bodypainting for the group and then fielding questions.  I hope to have pictures of the event next month.

-My little boy Zane turned two-years-old this month.  He doesn't say many "words" but he sure likes to talk.  One of his favorite gifts was a swing, which he calls "WEEEE".

-Kristy Deck has been offered two different publishing deals and is currently trying to choose the best bet.  Congratulations Kristy!  Maybe I'll have more details next month.  Kristy will also be adding the song "Say What's On Your Mind" to her web page this week.  This is a song that I co-wrote with Chris St.Croix.

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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