The Green Pages
August 2001

Digital Art Gallery Unveiling  
by Mark Greenawalt

The computer has become a integral part of sharing my artwork with the world.  Initially, I used the power of the internet by writing web pages and talking about my work.  Further down the line I was able to use a scanner to transform my images into digital signals to be seen around the world.  Well through it all I was able to hone my skills at using software programs like photoshop, bryce, and AutoCad.  The emphasis, it seemed, was to "fix" pictures that I would scan in, but once I started playing around, I realized that this medium can help create some truly unique art pieces.

I welcome you now, without further adieu, to visit my newest addition to, the digital gallery.  The display includes photograph manipulations to create the surreal, computer generated landscapes, artificially colored black and white photos, and one 3-dimensional model of a future building.  This is just the beginning...


The Continuing Saga of Body Art
by Mark Greenawalt

In front of a small group of art lovers in a small clothing boutique in Scottsdale, the beautiful Alison was transformed into a living canvas.  This event was touted as a "salon" for the Spirit of the Senses, a scintillating group of people who enjoy gathering together to indulge in the arts and sciences.  As the nights entertainer, I presented an array of slides with an attempt at humorous, yet informative, commentary.  I fielded several questions from the audience, the most interesting being, "Do you get naked when you're painting people?"  This made me think of that girl named Lola in the Levi's commercials.  Several shout outs that I'd like to make are to Dori Randall for a superb job as make-up artist and hair stylist for the evening, Thomas Houlon for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Spirit, Red Velvet for the hospitality of her clothing store in the Gainey Ranch shops, Jackie Disner for attending and writing an article for the Arizona Republic, Rachel Deboer for being a world-class right-hand-woman, and, of course, Alison for sharing her beauty with all of us.

Next up we have the fourth in the series of liquid latex bathing suits for Swimsuit Illustrated.  Kristi Curiali is a Glendale model that I found on the radio of all places.  She was involved in a contest on KDKB and as the DJ was interviewing her, she mentioned her website at .  I visited her site and was amazed by her camera appeal and fantastic images.  About a week later we got together for this session where the suit was made up of unconnected stripes that give the illusion of a one-piece bathing suit.  The paint is liquid latex from Deviant who is sponsoring this project.  For more on the story and more images, click on the picture above.



No, Really, Say What's On Your Mind
by Mark Greenawalt

The original version of the song "Say What's On Your Mind" is now on-line at  This is the version with Kristy Deck at the helm on vocals.  This version of the song joins two others that are already on mp3 by Dawna Bradford and another one by yours truly.  Now here's what I want you to do.  Listen to all three versions and let me know what you think.  Don't hold back...Say what's on your mind (pun obviously intended).  I mentioned last month that I wrote this song with Chris St.Croix and I actually have a copy of him singing this song too (I'm sure he would kill me if it found it's way to  Roger Wiedabach played drums on my version, but I used programmed drums for the other two versions.  I also played all the guitars, bass, keyboards, and background vocals (since I am the cheapest session player around).  Anyway, here are the sites.  Go listen to them all once a day for a year or at least once. 



More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-I had the very cool experience this month of walking into a the local Borders book store and finding a magazine on the shelf with an article about me and my work.  It's the August issue of Airbrush Action magazine and if you haven't had a chance to go buy it, you can get a preview by clicking on the magazine above. 

-I know that I haven't completed my mission of photographing all of the state capitals yet, but I've started another mission to run concurrent with the capitals.  I'm out to photograph the Seven Natural Wonders of the New World.  Actually I'm starting off with 3-down and 4-to-go.  I haven't tied it in to the website yet, but feel free to take a sneak peak at my 7 wonders page.


-The 2002 calendars are coming too!

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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