The Green Pages
March 2002

Mystique Magazine's Artist of the Day  
by Mark Greenawalt

As I am writing this on March 24th, is featuring me as their Artist of the Day.  I'd like to welcome all of the visitors from the Mystique website and thank those of you who have signed up to be on my mailing list (which is 350 strong now).  The image featured on the site's opening page is the bodypainting that I did with model CJ Parker last summer with the painted-on bandolier and chaps.  This shot is also showcased in my 2002 bodypainting calendar for the month of June.  CJ and I have discussed doing another session with her bodypainted in an Air Force flight suit and possibly doing the photography at Luke Air Force Base here in Phoenix.  To see more of CJ, check out her on-line portfolio at and tell her I sent ya'.


Cuddly Little Tubby All Stuffed With Fluff
by Mark Greenawalt

He's known more commonly as Winnie the Pooh.  This month I did my first bodypainting session on the belly of a pregnant woman.  The model for this session was the beautiful Carrie Sasser, who is due in mid-April, and the subject of the painting was little Pooh bear in a pot of honey.  Carrie is waiting till the baby is born to know whether it's a boy or a girl, but she has already decided that the baby's room theme will be Winnie the Pooh.  This session was a lot of fun and Carrie was wonderful to work with.  It was very amusing to be painting and suddenly the little one inside would kick and move around almost as if he/she was following my brush strokes.  I've already given a nickname to the new baby and labeled it on Carrie's belly...Hunny.  Go to to see a picture from the session.


Meet the Press
by Mark Greenawalt

I have recently been contacted by writer Lori Baker about an article for Phoenix Magazine.  Lori attended the Spirit of the Senses live bodypainting demonstration that I held last year when I painted Alison's tropical bird.  For this article I have set up another bodypainting session with Alison and I will be working once again with photographer Don Crossland of .  Both Alison and Don will be moving to L.A. in the coming months to pursue their dreams and I wish them both great success.  Alison recently signed with a print and commercial modeling agency and she is well on her way to national recognition.  Look for her in the July issue of Phoenix Magazine and why not read the article about me while your there!


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More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-A few places I've been this month: Islands of Adventure, Kennedy Space Center, Pirates Dinner Theater, Daytona Beach, Luke Air Force Days, Budweiser Factory, Arizona Renaissance Festival, Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, and many others.  Boy are my arms tired.

-A student at the University of Washington is writing a research paper on my bodypainting work.  Her name is Heather Haws and she is a painting major taking a course about the history of body adornment.  With her permission, I'll post her paper on my site once it is complete. 

-Upcoming events:

-March 30- Bodypainting session for Phoenix Magazine with Alison.
-April 4th (my birthday)- Bodypainting session for photographer Phil Edelstein.
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Paris Troy of Captured Studios for a coffee table book.
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Don Crossland, make-up artist Dori Randall, and model Khani Hardin.

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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