The Green Pages
October 2002

The 2003 Bodypainting Calendar Is Here  
by Mark Greenawalt

It was wonderful reflecting back on all of the bodypaintings that I have completed in the past year and it was difficult to narrow it down to twelve images for the calendar.  I actually took a poll to get input from a small cross section of friends and I was shocked to see how diverse everyone's opinions were.  It took a lot of work to put the calendar together, but it was truly a labor of love and I'm glad to finally be able to unveil it.  This years calendar was professionally printed on a very high grade card stock and the models and photography are first class.  I will also be offering a free screen saver of the calendar's images to the first 75 people who order the CD from my website.  To order your calendar or to find out more information go to the calendar page at: 

or just click on the picture above.  There are a few favorites selected from the ones that you may have seen on my site and there are others that have not been released to the public before this issue.  Still others are bodypaintings that you may have seen in Razor Magazine or Playtime Magazine and there are others that you may have actually been in the audience at the Sci-Fi conventions or art exhibit demonstrations.  If you are planning on ordering one, you might want to order early since there were only 200 copies printed (I ended up selling 12 copies the first day they were available).


Brushing Up On Bodypainting
by Mark Greenawalt

Here is one image that is new to my website and it is the beautiful and talented Gummi of .  The gothic theme is centered around a vampire bat painted on her chest and the picture is the bodypainting feature for the month of October in the new 2003 calendar.  Before the calendars were printed though, this picture found its way into the current Halloween issue of Playtime Magazine.  Writer Leia Stewart wrote a very cool article about me and my bodypaintings and the magazine devoted a full page to it which included the picture above as well as three other bodypaintings.  The magazine is still available in the Phoenix area if you want to pick up a copy (and I'm still available in the Phoenix area if you would like your copy signed by the artist).  The article is also available to read on-line by clicking here or on the picture above.  To subscribe to Playtime, visit their website at and tell them that bodypainter-guy sent ya'.


Other Bullet Items...
by Mark Greenawalt

- I am scheduled to do some bodypaintings at an event called Le Cirque de Demons - Masquerade Ball at the haunted hotel San Carlos on Friday Nov 1, 2002 from 9PM-2AM.  This is located at a club called Prive at 202 N. Central Ave in downtown Phoenix.  The promo reads "In Day of the Dead tradition, join us in full Masquerade attire and witness special pyrotechnic performances by Culte de Fue and amazing performances by Afro-Brazilian music and dance troupe Axe Capoeria. Mingle with latex-painted she devils as you wander from the lounge to rooftop patio
complete with swimming pool and bar."  Sounds like fun to me!

- Did you see the new Future-Class X Publishing logo.  It's part of the site re-design that I am getting started on this month.

- Still to come is a collaboration with Byur Gullwing who's artform is life casting.  In simple terms, he creates molds of people's bodies and then creates true to life statues or wall decorations of the models.  We are collaborating on a project to bodypaint one of these lifecasts and hope to have it on display at this year's Alwun House Exotic Art Show.  I'll tell you the details as they develop, but for now, you can get a glimpse by visiting


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2002, Mark Greenawalt

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