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January 2003

Anna Lieb's Painted Guitar Rocks The Paper Heart Gallery  
by Mark Greenawalt

During the musically driven chapter of my life, my trademark guitar was a Gibson Gold Top Les Paul that I bought from my cousin in high school.  The guitar was a vintage classic at the time and to this day sounds just as sweet as it ever did.  In the past couple of years my focus has switched to the art of bodypainting and this month was the first time I had brought a musical element into one of my works (besides Gummi's keyboard bodypainting).  The Paper Heart Gallery was having a themed event centered around "Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll" and they called it UNINHIBITED.  My role would be to do a live bodypainting at the event and my choice for subject matter was none other than a Gibson Les Paul guitar.  I did, however, choose to paint a sunburst model instead of the Gold Top to make it more colorful.

Now to choose a model.  I had been watching the career of Swedish model Anna Lieb ever since she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and I thought that her red hair would be a perfect match for the colors in the sunburst guitar.  I was ecstatic when she accepted the offer to do the bodypainting session, but ironically she had just recently changed her hair color to blonde (which still worked wonderfully for the images).  Anna had just taken first place in the highest average score portion of Mystique Magazines Model Safari Contest and as of this writing, she is currently in the number one position for the most votes.  I'm hoping she win's and I welcome you to vote for her at

Representatives from 944 Magazine attended the event and wrote a piece on the bodypainting that included the above photo of Anna in bodypaint.  The issue is available throughout Scottsdale's nightclubs and various other venues around the valley.  To read more about this bodypainting session and see additional photos, please visit my Les Paul Bodypainting Page.


Flight Attendants on Flight 944
by Mark Greenawalt

Speaking of 944 Magazine, did you know that the magazine celebrated it's one year anniversary this month?  To honor the accomplishment they held a huge party at Sanctuary nightclub on January 13th and packed the house on a Monday night.  The initial plan was to hold the event in a large airplane hanger at Scottsdale Airpark and although that didn't work out, the moniker FLIGHT 944 remained.  The show was to include a fashion show that would take you on a flight around the world to get a taste of the different cultures and styles.

Two weeks prior to the event, I had set up a meeting with the fashion director of the magazine to see if they would be interested in including my work in their magazine.  She invited me to take part in the anniversary party by painting two models for the runway show as flight attendants.  The flight attendants I chose for the event were none other than the stunning models Khani and Alison.  Donning tops made of Totally Tattoo bodypaints and Deviant Liquid Latex (the dresses and the scarves were real), these two living canvases were propped up on each side of the runway as other models from the Ford and Leighton agencies modeled world fashions.  It was a pleasure to once again work with Alison and an honor to work with Khani for the first time.  Also joining us for the festivities were my faithful companions photographer Don Crossland and make-up artist Dori Randall.  

I'm confident that next month's issue of 944 will include more information about the event, but for now I welcome you to read more and check out more of the images from the night at my Flight 944 Webpage.


Other Bullet Items...
by Mark Greenawalt

- Besides having the picture of Anna Lieb published in this month's 944 magazine, I also have my work featured in two other magazines' January issues.  The first is a wonderful write up in Playtime Magazine that gives high praises to my 2003 bodypainting calendar.  It includes images from the calendar of Gummi (January), Alison (May), and Blanche & Jennifer (August).  The other magazine is Face Painting International that has included an advertisement for the calendar including the images of Sheila (April), Sarah (February), and Stephanie (July).  There are now less than 65 calendars left, so if you want your copy of the 2003 Bodypainting Calendar, click here soon.

- This month I was involved in an advertising campaign for Tempe artist Bill Tonnesen of .  The ad is slated to be included in ARTnews magazine to herald a showing of Tonnesen's works in New York City.  My assignment was to paint two models all white and then to paint barcodes on them.  I have some pictures from the project, but I think I'll wait till the ad is available to give you the rest of the story (my version of a cliff hanger).

- Next month is the famous Alwun House Exotic Art Show making it's annual appearance on Valentines Day, February 14th.  This year I hope to complete my "four of a kind" series by once again painting Kay, this time as the Queen of Clubs.  I also hope to unveil my first "bodypainted" life cast as a collaboration with life caster Byur Gullwing of .  To find out more about the Alwun House show please visit .

- Several models that I have had the great pleasure of working with (including Sarah Bowers, Lynette Brooks, and Blanche) are now a part of a new on-line website called .  I don't think the site is 100% operational yet, but be sure to go check out the way it looks so far and sign up to be notified when it officially launches.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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