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May 2003

Bodypainting at Playboy's 50th Anniversary Playmate Search Party 
by Mark Greenawalt

Playboy Magazine is searching high and low to find the perfect playmate for their upcoming 50th Anniversary Issue.  As the group travels across the country doing test shoots in several major cities, myriads of beautiful women are lining up hoping to be discovered.  In Phoenix, as in most other cities, the tour-stop is a 3-day event that takes place at Jillian's Entertainment centers.  I happened to be speaking to Melissa at and she mentioned that they may be looking for a bodypainter for the event.  I immediately went to work making the right connections and sure enough was able to do the bodypaintings for the end-of-the-week blowout party.  I painted two models for the Playboy party.  To read more about this project and to see additional pictures, click on the image above or go to: .


The Villikon Chronicles Come To Life At LepreCon 29
by Mark Greenawalt

  If you had asked me two months ago if I had ever heard of The Villikon Chronicles, my answer would have been no.  Things change.  Now if asked, I would start babbling profusely about a new science fiction screenplay that has a very good chance of raising the bar on epic blockbusters like Star Wars did when it was first brought to the silver screen.  The story is by writer Bryan Kinnaird and the cast of wonderfully colorful characters is illustrated by Roy Young in a three volume graphic novel.  I read each volume on three consecutive days and became an instant fan of the work.

For this year's LepreCon science fiction convention, I chose to recreate one of the characters from the Villikon Chronicles during my live bodypainting demonstration.  The character's name is Sha'leste and the model who worked with me on the project was none other than Kay Kochman, one of my most painted models.  Sha'leste is the queen of Porphyrians, a race of vampire-types exiled to be imprisoned on a distant planet.  There is too much for me to explain here, you'll have to get the books and gather your own interpretation.  To read more about the bodypainting session and to order the books from, click on the picture above or go to: 


Bikinis And Paint at the AZDivas Pool Party
by Mark Greenawalt

  The people from threw a hotter-than-hell pool party this month at a private residence in Scottsdale.  The temperature wasn't the only reason to call this pary hot though.  The young and beautiful crowd that normally makes up the Scottsdale night club scene were wearing as little as possible to try to stay cool, but let there be no doubt, they were hot.  If you haven't been to the AZ Divas website, I recommend checking it out too.  I have worked with several of the models listed there including Lynette Brooks, Blanche Spaulding, and Sarah Bowers and now after this party I can add the names of Shannon and Jesse to this list.  I actually painted four models for this event, but two of them were volunteers from the audience and were not affiliated with AZ Divas.  For more on the story and to see more of the photos, click on the image above or go to: 


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

 - Did I mention The Villikon Chronicles yet?  Next month I hope to have some images of another character from this screen play in my repertoire.  The next character will be Mystere and the model/actress who has been selected to play the part is Cheyenne Silver.  My role will be to bodypaint a portion of this costume and the guys from the AZ 501st Dune Sea Garrison will be building the armor.  Cheyenne will making guest appearances on May 28th on THE EDGE 103.9 FM morning show from 6-10am, and later that day at Fascinations (838 W. Elliot Rd., Tempe) from 5-8pm.  Then on the 30th she will be at Samurai Comics (5024 North 7th Street, Phoenix)  to sign posters and such.   More details on this project to follow.

- Also coming up is an article for Facepainting International Magazine!  Stay tuned.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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