The Green Pages
June 2003

Arizona Diamondbacks Are "Hot" In June! 
by Mark Greenawalt


As I am writing this, the Diamondbacks have just beaten the Colorado Rockies and have a 12-game winning streak (the longest in the majors this year and a franchise record).  Being a big fan of the baseball team, I couldn't help painting their logo for one of my most recent bodypaintings.  The model is the very beautiful Jen Amber and you can see more of her portfolio at her website, .  This photo was shot by the illustrious photographer Don Crossland, who is sporting a new website himself at in addition to his popular site at .  This was the first time that Don and I had worked with this 18-year-old and she was a total pro and great to work with.  Click on the picture above to enlarge the image and feel free to go to  to see more of Don's images from the photoshoot.  GO D-BACKS!!!


Painted Penthouse Pet, Cheyenne Silver
by Mark Greenawalt


In preparation for the upcoming Comic-Con science fiction convention in July, we did a few test runs of bodypainting for the Villikon Chronicles promotion.  For those unfamiliar with the screenplay and graphic novel, I welcome you to visit to see what it is all about.  Cheyenne Silver (Penthouse Model and Vivid Video Star) is slated to play the character Mystere in the upcoming film and I have been enlisted to do the special effects make-up for the Comic-Con promotional event.  While Cheyenne was in Phoenix she also did two separate layouts for Playtime Magazine, one with the make-up and one without.  The above picture is from that photoshoot, but you'll have to wait till next month's letter to see which pictures make it to the magazine.  Hopefully I will also have some shots from Comic-Con...stay tuned. 


Proof that Mermaids Exist, Pictures at Eleven
by Mark Greenawalt


So rare is the chance to capture a beautiful mermaid on film.  This is Shanelle and her website can be found at .  What a gorgeous face and figure!  I'll have to confess though that the scales were painted on and she's actually a human.  Shanelle was very gracious and patient as it took nearly two hours to paint on all of the scales for this bodypainting session.  There are also some shots that were taken with an underwater camera of Shanelle as she was swimming underwater, but I haven't posted them to my website yet (they are a little more revealing).  Don Crossland was also on hand for this photoshoot, but as of this writing, Don has not had the opportunity to scan and clean up his images.  So for now, this teaser shot above is all that is available...more to come! 


Hopi Indian Designs of the Southwest 
by Mark Greenawalt


I am truly inspired by the whole southwestern art motif and this is yet another bodypainting that I have completed that incorporates it into the design.  I was fortunate to once again work with the stunning Kristi Curiali of .  Kristi is the current Miss June model for my 2003 bodypainting calendar and I feel sure that one of the images from this recent shoot will find its way into the 2004 calendar.  The painting, a cattle skull with two dream catcher's dangling from the horns, was completed in about 45 minutes.  I worked quickly trying to beat sunset, but I lost so we had to do the photoshoot inside.  While looking for props for the background I noticed an old table top and proceeded to run to the store for paint.  I asked Kristi to pick out a Hopi design that I could paint on the table (Kristi is part Native American).  Once the table was completed we started into the photoshoot.  Again, the picture above is the only shot on-line right now.  I will hopefully add more soon.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

  This month I took a family vacation back east to the Pennsylvania/Maryland area.  While there I took the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. with my oldest son, two of his cousins, and my sister-in-law.  This is a picture that I took of the Lincoln Memorial that I was very happy with.  While back there I also visited the Gettysburg battlefield and my alma mater Penn State University.  Believe it or not, fourteen years after graduating from Penn State, the same guy was still tending bar at Zeno's Pub, where I spent many-a-drunken evening.

- Come see Cheyenne in bodypaint and armor at Comic-Con in San Diego, July 17th-20th.  For more details go to .

- Look for my work in the July issues of Playtime Magazine and Facepainting International Magazine.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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