The Green Pages
September 2003

Lord of the Rings Theme at CopperCon 23 
by Mark Greenawalt

Rebecca Swann debuted in last month's newsletter in the bodypainting for Bombay Sapphire gin and this month she is again featured in a new bodypainting "outfit".  I invited Rebecca to join me for this years science fiction/fantasy convention called CopperCon 23.  The theme of the event was The Lord of the Rings since the second film of the trilogy, The Two Towers, had just been released on DVD.  My painting centered around the inscription written on the ring itself in Elvish fonts and language.  I also tried my hand at medieval fashion design as I created her non-painted outfit to cover her during the all-ages bodypainting demonstration.  For the rest of the story and to see more pictures from the event, please visit the CopperCon 23 bodypainting page at .


Celebrating a Special Time with Belly Painting
by Mark Greenawalt

 Here is model Sarah Bowers who was the lovely "canvas" for the Mardi Gras bodypainting in this years bodypainting calendar.  In October she and her husband will be welcoming a brand new bouncing baby boy into the world.  To help celebrate this special time in her life, I did a custom body painting on her pregnant belly.  I let her pick the theme and she went with an Arizona Diamondbacks logo on a baseball.  Once we finished the painting, we went to a baseball field nearby for the photoshoot.  This is the second belly painting that I have done and I have started a web page to display the images.  I have included a picture of Sarah and her husband on the page as well as my previous belly painting of Winnie the Pooh with model Carrie.  The page is at .


Mara Jade's Story from CopperCon 22
by Mark Greenawalt

This image of Lynette Brooks in the Star Wars themed bodypainting has been on my website since I introduced my 2003 bodypainting calendar last year.  The image was included in the calendar, but I had never taken the opportunity to write a web page about the event.  Well, better late than never.  As Phoenix resident Paul Harvey would say, now you're going to hear the rest of the story.  Here is the web page: .


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome my brother Curt Greenawalt and his wife Jean to Phoenix, Arizona.  They took the plunge and moved here this month.

- Congratulations to Samurai Comics owner Mike Banks and his wife on the birth of their baby boy this month.  Best wishes!

- For those of you in the Las Vegas area, come to the Las Vegas Comic-Con over the Halloween weekend and meet me in the Villikon Chronicles booth.  I will again be painting Penthouse Pet Cheyenne Silver in her costume from the upcoming film The Crucibles of Mystere.

- Here are a few images that I am considering for the 2004 calendar.  Let me know which other ones should be included.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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