The Green Pages - The Official Mark Greenawalt Newsletter
VOL 6 ISSUE 10   October 2003

The Website Gets A New Look 
by Mark Greenawalt

I have finally taken the plunge and made my website's focus bodypainting.  You can still find all of my art, music, and photography stuff if you look hard enough, but my body art pages have been drawing the most attention and I felt it was time to concentrate my efforts in that arena.  I have also set up for those who can remember my name, but forget .  It's all the same site, just two methods of getting there.

As part of the re-design, I have also come up with a new graphical layout and a new circular logo in an effort to start building a "company" identity for my artform.  I would like to welcome you to visit the site and let me know what you think of the new look and I'll bet you'll find pictures of some of my bodypaintings that you haven't seen before.  As you can see, even the Green Pages have a new look.  


Getting Ready for Halloween 2003
by Mark Greenawalt

  It's that special time of year again.  This year's Halloween theme for the Greenawalt's will be Marvel comic book characters.  Of course the characters that we picked weren't the ones that you can find costumes for in the Halloween aisle at Wal-Mart so we created them ourselves.  My character is Ghost Rider whose costume is mostly just black leather, but the head is a flaming skull.  I had considered using Zel-Jel ( on my head and actually catching it on fire, but three reasons prevented me from doing this:  the cost, my wife, and common sense.  My oldest son, Sage, chose to be Nightcrawler from X-Men Evolution.  Painting faces is my forte, but this costume gave me a challenge with some hands-on experience on a borrowed sewing machine (thanks Kathy).  The gloves were cut up and re-sewn to only have two fingers and a red band.  The spock ears were glued on and although you can't see them from this picture, he also has a custom made tail and a pair of my wife's boots from the 80's that have been hand painted to match Nightcrawlers.  My youngest son, Zane, wanted to be Venom, Spiderman's arch enemy.  This started with a black turtleneck shirt and black winter gloves that he already owned and then I bought a black faceless hood and hand painted them all.  I had to sew the mask to fit his little head and then we finished his costume off with black sweat pants and his brothers black winter boots from Tennessee.  We're all still trying to talk my wife into being a character too, but she's putting up a little resistance.  Hopefully she'll enter the Marvel universe by Hallow's Eve.


Limited Edition Bodypainting Photographs Now Available
by Mark Greenawalt

I am pleased to introduce my first series of limited edition poster-sized photographic enlargements of my bodypainting art work.  I had sold several pieces over the past two years to people who were collecting my images and several had asked if I had any limited edition versions.  At that time I didn't, but now I will be issuing a set of 50 of each of the images above from the original slide and enlarged to 20"X30".  The cheetah and the scorpion were both featured in my 2001 bodypainting calendar as well as being published in Airbrush Action Magazine and Playtime Magazine respectively.  The third picture is Cheyenne Silver (Penthouse Pet and Vivid Video Star) in her kramcutioner outfit from the upcoming film series The Villikon Chronicles.  The prints are signed by me as the artist and photographer and each is numbered.  As of this writing, all editions are still available (except for Cheyenne number 1 of 50) and can be ordered through my on-line store.  They make great gifts, if I do say so myself.


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- Come to the Las Vegas Comic-Con over the Halloween weekend and meet me in the Villikon Chronicles booth.  I will again be painting Penthouse Pet Cheyenne Silver in yet another costume from the upcoming film The Crucibles of Mystere.  This one is even racier than the first two.

- I had the great opportunity to visit San Francisco earlier this month and took some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here are two that I especially liked.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2003, Mark Greenawalt

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