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VOL 7 ISSUE 1   January 2004

Long Live Morrison! 
by Mark Greenawalt


Who better to represent the theme of "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll" than the late Jim Morrison of the Doors. This was the theme of the third annual "Uninhibited" event at the Paper Heart Art Gallery on January 2nd.  There was a live band that played Road House Blues, but Jim Morrison was only able to be there in spirit.  As the band was playing his song, I was painting his portrait as part of a live demonstration of bodypainting for the gallery attendees.  This was my first experience (hopefully of many) of working with model Kayla Rei of and she was dynamite!

For more pictures and a fairly extensive blow-by-blow description of the project, please visit the webpage that I have created from the event at: 


Bodypainting in the Spotlight
by Mark Greenawalt

There were several instances of bodypainting seeping into the mainstream this month, most notably the America's Next Top Model television show hosted by Tyra Banks.  If you missed the premiere episode of the second season, you can still see the bodypaintings at the website and you can check out the website of the company responsible for the bodypainting at .  I thought the paintings were awesome and very elegant.  Inspiring!

Next up is an extremely successful fundraiser for AIDS by MAC Cosmetics.  The company created a deck of playing cards that feature 54 bodypaintings.  Celebrities that have submitted original designs to the project include Pink, Susan Serandon, Dishwalla, and Iggy Pop.  There is a slide show of several of the images at .  You can also read the official press release at .  I bought a set on E-bay for about $20, but they are supposedly available even cheaper at all MAC cosmetics counters.  Get your own set for strip poker or whatever card game you prefer.

There are a few other items that I've noticed.  The current issue of FHM Magazine features three models in bodypainted bikinis.  The X-Men United DVD has some clips of the bodypainting process for Nightcrawler (unfortunately only a few mentions of the Mystique process).  


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- I will again be doing some live bodypainting at the Alwun House's Exotic Art extravaganza on February 13th at 7:00p.m.  For more info on this event go to .  This is where I completed the 4 queen bodypaintings with Kay Kochman in past years.  C'mon out if you can.

- Congratulations to Shanelle Steele for making it into the February issue of Playboy Magazine (page 22).  Shanelle is featured as the employee of the month and discusses her day job at North American Stainless.  Shanelle, of course, is also featured as Ms. June, the mermaid, in my 2004 bodypainting calendars.  See more of Shanelle at and .

- Congratulations also goes out to several models that I have worked with that are featured in the new 2004 Grips Calendar.  Blanche Spaulding, Sarah Bowers, and Alison C., who were all featured in my calendar last year have made it into the 2004 Grips Calendar.  You can check out a few of the images and order the calendar at .  Congrats also to the photographer for the project, Jim Goodwin.

- My first bodypainting DVD has been created.  It features the clips of me painting model Amy Wicker as a snow leopard for the December 2000 New Years party.  The painting was televised on the morning news show Good Morning Arizona on Channel 3 here in Phoenix.  It's pretty cool to finally have this archive in a digital format.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2004, Mark Greenawalt

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