The Green Pages - The Official Mark Greenawalt Newsletter
VOL 7 ISSUE 11   November 2004

Playtime Throws a Monster Bash 
by Mark Greenawalt

Every year, Playtime Magazine holds it's annual Halloween party and this year was no exception as beautiful cover girls mixed and mingled with goblins and ghouls at Elixir nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The star of the show was the October cover model Mandi Ray who I had the opportunity to paint during the nights frightful festivities.  The bodypainting was a loose recreation of her Playtime cover photo where her private regions were masked by Frankenstein hands.  Also during the night a drawing was held for "custom bodyart by Mark Greenawalt" and the winner was painted with a blue dragon.  For the full story and more pictures, click here.

Playtime's October issue also contained a very cool article about me and my work and published four of my bodypainting images to accompany the article.  To read it, click here.

Grand Opening of McFarlane Toys Store/Exhibit 
by Mark Greenawalt

When I first heard that Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, was planning to open a one-of-a-kind showroom in Tempe, Arizona, I had no doubt that I would be there for the grand opening.  I was thrilled when I later learned that the location was less than two miles from my home.  My sons and I watched the Spawn movie in the morning and then we braved a 3-hour wait to meet McFarlane and get his autograph on the commemorative plates honoring the opening of the store.  The store showcases artifacts similar to a Hard Rock Café, except instead of musical instruments, the focus is on McFarlane toy memorabilia such as prototypes, awards, and 3D displays of sports figures, sci-fi characters, and music industry icons.  I highly recommend a visit to the store if your into this kind of stuff (8945 South Harl, Tempe, Arizona).

About a week after this event, I had some time to kill as I sat at Makutu's Island (a Chuck E. Cheese variation) for a birthday party that my 5-year-old had been invited to.  I started writing an article about McFarlane's store for a local magazine and after getting a couple of paragraphs written, I realized that Todd McFarlane was in the house and that his 5-year-old boy had also been invited to the same party.  I had the pleasure of chatting with him for quite a while.  What a small world.


Painted Pirate of the Caribbean Takes First Place
by Mark Greenawalt

  This year's Halloween yielded an "award winning" costume worn by Ed Clapper.  This Pirates of the Caribbean outfit took first place at a well attended Haunted House Halloween party in Phoenix and garnered a skeleton trophy.  The bodypainting portion of the outfit took about an hour and a half to complete and started with an airbrushed base coat of Reel Creations bodypaint and then the bones were brushed and sponged on with Totally Tattoo bodypaints. 


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

I finally had my first opportunity to go SCUBA diving since getting my license four years ago.  A troupe of 10 of us took a trip South of the Border to Rocky Point, Mexico and spent four glorious days soaking up the sun along to beach of the Sea of Cortez.  Due to the rough conditions we were forced to do a beach dive into sandy bottoms so the scenery wasn't very great, but the experience was worthwhile.  Here is one picture I took of a school of fish.

-  Upcoming events include the 4-year anniversary party for Sonik Magazine on Thursday, November 4th, the tentative Body Art Ball on November 14th.  Also coming up on the first Friday of 2005 I'll be featured again at the Paper Heart Art Gallery's annual Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll extravaganza.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2004, Mark Greenawalt

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