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VOL 8 ISSUE 4   April 2005

Mystere the Movie 
by Mark Greenawalt

My New Year's resolution was to incorporate some of my work into a film and by golly it looks like I'm getting close to saying "mission accomplished."  The image above is a shot from the film that I am working on called Mystere:  Children of Dido.  A cast and crew of 30 people braved the blowing sands and extreme temperatures of the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma, Arizona to collaborate on this low budget independent film.  In fact, everyone believes in this project so much that each and every one of us are donating our time, talent, and even some of our own money to take this epic adventure from the script to the silver screen.  I am still not at liberty to release much of the details, but I don't think it will hurt too much to let a few pictures slip through the cracks.  I guess it's safe to announce that Cheyenne Silver and Shane Stevens are reprising their roles as Mystere and Lord Jasta.  Joining the family are a clan of Wiccan huntresses led by Bremusa (Lynette Brooks) and Lykopsis (Heather Phillips).  Mystere demonstrates her prowess as she defeats Delicia (Courtney Black), Opal (Donna Wilson), and Shunta (Mira Jordan), but then she is put in her place as Marpesia (Christine Postorino) overpowers her.

My role in the production was to provide the Wiccans with their signature red facepaint and their identifying tribal family crests in black.  I also provided the actresses with arm and leg tattoos as part of artist Roy Young's conceptual designs.  The red facepaint was airbrushed on using Reel Creation and the leg tattoos and tribal designs were applied using Totally Tattoo paints from Badger Airbrush.  Both paints stayed on incredibly well for the grueling full days of shooting.  Joining me on the make-up crew was Julie Koeth who crafted the look of the bedroom eyes and succulent black lips.  Heading up the costume department was the talented Kevin Speidel of .  The actresses looked outstanding in their custom built leather armor and body paint and I can't wait to post more images from the shoot.  There is so much I want to share with everyone, but for now, I'll just give one more sneak peak at the look of the character Bremusa...

Body Painting Served Up With Body Sushi 
by Mark Greenawalt

It was the final night of the Alwun House's Exotic Art Show, the month-long event celebrating the art that is a bit edgier than most galleries are brave enough to display.  The night was christened The Night of the Muse and my contribution was to provide some appetizers, body artist style.  Before the doors opened for the nights festivities, I was busy painting the beautiful Asian model known simply as Blue.  Her painting consisted of two dragons, a red/blue one on her left and a black/purple one on her right (Totally Tattoo paints with a wash of pearl Createx).  The tail of each dragon started at her shin and wrapped it's way up her side to culminate in the dragon's faces painted on each breast.  For most of my projects, when the bodypainting is complete the model sets out to display the work to the art gallery patrons, but this time she shrouded the painting within an Asian robe until the time was right.  Around 9pm I started preparing the table with an oriental motif and setting up the napkins, plates, and of course the chop sticks, ginger, and wasabe.

As the Alwun House unveiled their appetizer spread, Blue was also unveiled and situated on the serving table.  Summoning my here-to-for untapped culinary skills, I carefully and artistically laid out the leaves on her nude figure to strategically place each morsel of sushi as symmetrically as possible.  The colorful California Rolls, Salmon, Rainbow Rolls, and Shrimp Ebi made a beautiful color palette that complimented Blue's white and pink face painting reminiscent of the Chinese Opera.  Once photographer Don Crossland and I had an opportunity to shoot some images of the body sushi ensemble, guests were invited to come and experience the rare treat of sampling the oriental delicacies from the naked body of the Asian model.  When it had dwindled down to a single slice of salmon, Blue took the opportunity to eat the last of the sushi from her bare torso...that's hot.  Here are two more shots from the project.


Girls, Girls, Girls at Christie's Cabaret 
by Mark Greenawalt

I was first introduced to Kim Meagher and her non-profit Wildhorse Ranch last year when they held their annual Girls! Girls! Girls! fund raiser.  I bodypainted three models at last years event (Shanelle, Kay, and Phoebe) and I guess they liked them enough to ask me back this year.  One big change this year was the event location which moved from the horse ranch in Gilbert to Christie's Cabaret, a gentlemen's club in Phoenix.  My first model for this black tie event was an associate of the ranch named Cindy.  She was enamored with the butterfly painting that I have on the cover of my portfolio so I painted a variation of that on her upper torso.  My second painting was with Lynette who I had been working with earlier in the week on the film set of the Mystere movie.  I noticed Lynette's tattoo on her back that featured a yin-yang symbol with a dragon so I sketched up a variation on that concept.  Both paintings were completed using Totally Tattoo paints and the dragon painting was accentuated with some Createx UV paints and took on a completely different look under a black light.  There was a little article in New Times about the event that you can read by clicking here.


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- Upcoming events:

- April 4th, 2005 - Arizona Bike Week Event at the Handlebar Saloon at Rawhide in Scottsdale, AZ.  I will be doing a bodypainting at this art event curated by The Paper Heart Art Gallery.  The theme of the art on display will be the timeless attraction of motorcycle culture.

- May 6th-8th, 2005 - CopperCon 31 Science Fiction Convention, Carefree Resort, Carefree, AZ.  The cast and crew of the Mystere film will host a panel to discuss the behind-the-scenes and making-of the film.  More info to come.

- May 13th-15th, 2005 - Mystere Cave Shoot, Grand Canyon Caverns, Flagstaff, AZ.  This will be the second and final location shoot for the short film project.

- May 26th-29th, 2005 - The Face and Body Art International Convention in Orlando, FL.  This event is sponsored by Face and Body Art Magazine and this year's theme is "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Enchanted Forest".  I will be doing a live demonstration at this event.

- The 2005 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt wall calendars are still available.  This is my 4th annual calendar and this year's edition includes 13 images, 15 models, and 6 photographers.  Thank you in advance to all of you who have ordered my calendars in the past and to those of you who plan to get this year's edition.  Your support is truly appreciated!  To see all of the images in this years calendar and hopefully to place your order, go to: 

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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