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VOL 8 ISSUE 5   May 2005

The Art of Belly Painting 
by Mark Greenawalt

Two of my belly paintings have just been published as part of a belly painting kit.  The kit includes a book on Belly Painting by Phoenix resident Nancy Price and provides a set of non-toxic paints, some stencils and temporary tattoos, a rubber stamp, and a sponge brush.  Everything an expecting mother needs to decorate the baby's first 'home'.  The kit is available at bookstores everywhere through Penguin publishers or it can be ordered on-line by clicking here or on the book cover above.  Nancy is a founder and editor-in-chief of the SheKnows Network and she is also one of the founding editors of ePregnancy magazine.

The pictures that they have included as "Ideas to inspire you!" are of Sarah Bowers with an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball belly and Carrie Sasser with the Winnie the Pooh belly.  Click on these images below to see the page from the kit and the individual belly painting images.

   To see more of my belly paintings you can also visit .  I know two beautiful models who are pregnant right now and I am just patiently waiting for them to start "showing" so that I can try out the Art of Belly Painting kit myself.  If you know of any pregnant ladies who might be interested in this kit send them to my site! 

Painted Dress for Latin Ballroom Dancing Competition 
by Mark Greenawalt

  In April I was hired by Randall Designs to paint an Oriental Dragon on a custom-made dress for a ballroom dancing competition.  The image that I have shown here shows the completed painting, but after my portion was complete Randall Designs continued decorating the dress with countless glimmering rhinestones.  Randall Designs is based here in Phoenix and among their prestigious clients is Jennifer Lopez.  J-Lo had them design custom dresses for her to wear in the movie Shall We Dance where she played the part of a ballroom dancing competitor along with her co-star Richard Gear.  I am hoping to be able to share some images eventually of the dress worn by the Latin dancer who now owns it.


Silver Paint for Corporate Event In Scottsdale 
by Mark Greenawalt

  Live music and dancing at the Venue of Scottsdale was enhanced by the beauty of two models painted from the chin down in silver paint.  Models Natalie and Lorena from Professional Events wore tinsel wigs and twirled white and silver feather boas as they strutted across the second floor balcony.  I painted each of them by the Bourbon-Street-themed railing as the party guests looked up from below.  Both models wore metallic silver bikinis due to the corporate restrictions of the event.  I decorated their brows with body jewelry and garnered their legs with a blue and white garter for a little additional flair.  Also on hand for the event was a trapeze artist, go-go dancers, and a house DJ.  Both models were wonderful to work with and you can find Lorena's on-line portfolio at .


Article Published in Face And Body Art Magazine For Convention 
by Mark Greenawalt

In late May I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida to visit with my Mom on her birthday and to take part in the Face And Body Art Magazine International Convention.  I will be heading up two classes for the event and I am really looking forward to meeting some of the great bodypainters that I have only known through e-mail.  As of this writing, I am still searching for the right models to paint at the convention, but I'm sure it will all fall into place eventually.  One of my classes will be on the use of liquid latex for body painting art and the other will concentrate on the use of mixed media to create bodypainting images.  To find out more about the convention, visit and to read the article that I have in Face And Body Art Magazine click here.  Check back next month for pics from the convention.


First Fridays Spotlight on The Paper Heart Art Gallery 
by Mark Greenawalt

The Paper Heart Art Gallery has been gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to do live bodypainting demonstrations during their Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll show for the past couple of years so it was with great honor that I accepted the task of writing an article about the gallery for Pocket Magazine.  You can read the whole story at  I learned quite a bit about the place myself when I interviewed owner Scott Sanders and uncovered the early beginnings of the gallery.  The Paper Heart is located at 750 NW Grand Avenue in Phoenix and you can find their website at

The Paper Heart takes part in Artlink's First Fridays along with over 60 other venues that open their doors for the art lovers of Phoenix to absorb the talent of local artists on the first Friday of each month. Many galleries and artspaces are close enough to do an art walk, but Artlink also provides a shuttle to encourage multiple gallery viewings. In addition to traditional art galleries, the tour incorporates coffee shops, restaurants, and local businesses that display artwork. Most venues reserve their best displays and performance bookings for First Fridays from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. or later so it is a great time for patrons to see each art space at itís best. For a listing of participating venues and a map of bus routes, visit Artlinkís website at


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- Upcoming events:

- May 6th-8th, 2005 - LepreCon 31 Science Fiction Convention, Carefree Resort, Carefree, AZ.  The cast and crew of the Mystere film will host a panel to discuss the behind-the-scenes and making-of the film.  More info to come.

- May 11th, 2005 - Maroon 5 concert at Cricket Pavillion in the Pleasure Tent, Phoenix, AZ.  Live body painting performance.

- May 13th-15th, 2005 - Mystere Cave Shoot, Grand Canyon Caverns, Flagstaff, AZ.  This will be the second and final location shoot for the short film project.

- May 19th, 2005 - Snoop Dogg concert at Cricket Pavilion in the Pleasure Tent, Phoenix, AZ.  Live body painting performance.

- May 26th-29th, 2005 - The Face and Body Art International Convention in Orlando, FL.  This event is sponsored by Face and Body Art Magazine and this year's theme is "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Enchanted Forest".  I will be doing a live demonstration at this event.

- The 2005 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt wall calendars are still available.  This is my 4th annual calendar and this year's edition includes 13 images, 15 models, and 6 photographers.  Thank you in advance to all of you who have ordered my calendars in the past and to those of you who plan to get this year's edition.  Your support is truly appreciated!  To see all of the images in this years calendar and hopefully to place your order, go to: 

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2005, Mark Greenawalt

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