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VOL 8 ISSUE 7   July 2005

Electric Eye Body Art at Judas Priest Concert 
by Mark Greenawalt

  The summer concert series continues at Cricket Pavillion where I have been doing bodypainting in the Pleasure Tent.  This concert featured two of my favorite vocalists of all time with Rob Halford fronting Judas Priest and Geoff Tate fronting Queensryche.  Unfortunately I missed the whole concert except for Priest's three-song curtain call.  I once again had the pleasure of working with Miriam and this time the painting paid homage to the Judas Priest song "Electric Eye" from the "Screaming For Vengeance" album (for all of you youngsters out there, an album is like a classic version of a CD).  The painting incorporates the artwork from Judas Priest's latest DVD compilation called Electric Eye, but I added a London skyline with Big Ben reflecting off the river Thames.  Photographer Don Crossland assisted me on this little adventure and took the picture above.  For this project I used a new alcohol based body paint made by European Body Art.  The colors were very vibrant and I was very happy with the longevity of the paint, especially since it was about 115 degrees while we did the photoshoot.  Check out the EBA website at .

I took a quick break from painting to go out and see Queensryche playing their song NM156 which was the inspiration for a self-portrait pencil drawing that I did in high school (see above, notice the 156 on the computer screen on the lower right).  While glancing across the audience, I spied with my little eye my good friend Heidi Schwartz.  I invited her back to the Camel Pleasure Tent and did a quick painting on her back of the Judas Priest logo.  It was cool hanging out with her for the encore and catching up on old times.

A Little One Is 'Coming Soon'
by Mark Greenawalt

  One of the most beautiful "canvases" in the world is Lynette and now that she is expecting she is more radiant than ever.  We have worked on several projects together ranging from science fiction conventions to Playboy playmate searches.  We even worked on a movie project together, but this belly painting was even more momentous than all the others in the big picture.  I got the idea thinking about the Wings album cover for "Wings at the Speed of Sound" which had the letters spelled out on a marquee sign, but I also drew from memory the feel of the Styx album cover for "Paradise Theater".  Of course, the main thought was the common expression used for movies about to be released saying, "COMING SOON".  I thought this would be such a cute analogy for a little baby who who was soon to be released.  Of course the final touch was the popcorn to tie the two ideas together.  I really enjoy setting the scene like this.  Nancy J. Price included the following quote of mine in her book "The Art of Belly Painting":

"The photography is the part that I like to give a lot of attention to, so that the background, props, and painting are all telling a story as they create an image.  Otherwise, it might turn out to look like a snapshot documenting what was painted.  After a Winnie the Pooh belly painting, for example, we used a bunch of red balloons as a background and photographed the mother-to-be holding a Pooh storybook.  For a baseball belly painting, we went to a baseball diamond for the shoot and had mom holding a bat and glove." 
    Mark Greenawalt 

The book is available in bookstores or on by clicking here.  Also check out some of my other bellypaintings at .

Congratulations Lynette!  Here's wishing you and your baby a lifetime of fun and happiness.


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- I was honored to have my body art included in Badger Airbrush's Summer 2005 newsletter called Overspray.  Badger co-sponsored me for the 2005 Face And Body Art International Convention and this is one of the paintings that I completed in the Badger booth utilizing all of their products.  The Badger newsletter reports that, "Based upon sales statistics for the first quarter of 2005, we're happy to report a significant increase in airbrush popularity."

- I have written, co-directed, and co-produced a short film called Second Chances for submission to the Phoenix Film Project competition called Screen Wars.  I'll have more details next issue, but for now I'll do some name dropping.  The cast is comprised of model/actress Kayla Rei of , and actors Shane Stevens (Greasewood Flat, Leather and Iron) and Kevin O'Connor of Arizona 501st fame.  My co-director is Webb Pickersgill of .

- Shanelle Steele and Bree Andre on Fear Factor Congratulations to our own Bree Andre and Shanelle Steele for their recent appearance on Fear Factor during the "Best Friends" competitions.  I haven't had the good fortune to work with Bree yet, but Shanelle has been absolutely wonderful to work with on the three projects that we have collaborated on.

- Upcoming events:

- August 3rd, 2005 - Maxim Magazine and Bud Light join forces at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale, AZ for an outrageous party and model search event.  Pictures of my bodypainted models in the next issue.

- September 9th - 11th, 2005 - I am proud to announce that I will be the Artist Guest of Honor this year at the  CopperCon Sci-Fi Convention, the Annual Arizona Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention sponsored by the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix, AZ.

- Only a few 2005 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt wall calendars are left before we release the 2006 calendar.  This is my 4th annual calendar and this year's edition includes 13 images, 15 models, and 6 photographers.  Thank you in advance to all of you who have ordered my calendars in the past and to those of you who plan to get this year's edition.  Your support is truly appreciated!  To see all of the images in this years calendar and hopefully to place your order, go to: 

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2005, Mark Greenawalt

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