The Green Pages - The Official Mark Greenawalt Newsletter
VOL 8 ISSUE 8   August 2005

My First Movie, "Second Chances" 
by Mark Greenawalt

  It's no secret that I like writing.  I have written articles for magazines, songs for recording artists, and now I can add screenwriting for independent films to the list.  Besides writing it, I also tried my hand at co-directing and co-producing it.  The short film is called Second Chances and I couldn't have done it without the help of film maker Webb Pickersgill and the talent of three wonderful actors.  Webb recently took the plunge and quit his mundane "day-job" to vehemently pursue his passion by forming Bassline Digital, his film production company.  The cast for our first collaboration (besides working together on the Villikon Chronicles project) was comprised of model/actress Kayla Rei of , and actors Shane Stevens (Greasewood Flat, Leather and Iron) and Kevin O'Connor of Arizona 501st fame.  Second Chances is a short 3-minute horror that you can watch in it's entirety by visiting the official movie website at .  You are also welcome to read my little story about how the project came together by visiting .  I'm pretty proud of the thing and I was very fortunate to have such great people working with me to make it a reality.

We have scheduled a world premiere for the extended version of the movie at the upcoming Sci-Fi convention CopperCon on September 10th and we will also be screening it on the 2nd of November at The Paper Heart Art Gallery.  Our fingers are crossed that it might also make it into two film festivals that it has been submitted to...I'll keep you posted. 


Maxim Magazine and Bud Light Present Enfócate
by Mark Greenawalt

  I took four three years of Spanish classes in high school, but it wasn't enough to teach me to be able to read the articles in Maxim Para Hombres...the Spanish version of Maxim for Men magazine.  But just like the English version, I realized that there wasn't really a need to "read" the articles;  the pictures of scantily clad women translated just fine.  Maxim, along with Bud Light, was holding a huge party at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale and they contacted me to bodypaint two models.  The magazine and beer distributor were traveling around the country promoting their products in a unique way.  They were setting up professional studio lighting for a photoshoot within each bar and then inviting the party attendees to get photographed holding a bottle of Bud Light and striking a pose.  With hopes of getting their pictures in Maxim, there was no shortage of beautiful Latina senoritas at the club ready to strut their stuff for the cameras.  Go to or click on the picture above for more details about the party and additional images of the models that I painted.


Global Map With Glow-In-The-Dark Paint by EBA
by Mark Greenawalt

  When I was doing my third bodypainting, the one with the Queen of Spades playing card, I had no idea how a strange twist of fate would unite me with a future body paint manufacturer.   Kay, the model for the Queen of Spades painting, worked in an audiologists office with a girl named Stacey Nielsen.  At the time, Stacey was laying the ground work for a temporary tattoo service with two European artists.  We were introduced and I gave them some of my insights on the industry and they incorporated some of my artwork into their promotional efforts.  Several years have gone by since that fateful meeting and Stacey's company has flourished to become a front runner in the sales of temporary tattoo supplies.  Her company is European Body Art, or EBA for short.  They sell body paints and stencils, of course, but they have found a unique niche by selling complete systems for people to get started in the business of airbrushing temporary tattoos.  Their website, , states that their satisfied customers have "collected $60,000 in their first year operating only one of our airbrush tattoo systems."  Not too shabby!

Stacey contacted me to announce the arrival of their newest product which is glow-in-the-dark body paint.  I tried a sample and picked one of the hottest models in Phoenix to try it out.  Kayla Rei, of and from the blockbuster movie Second Chances, indulged me while I painted a map of the world on her back using the glow-in-the-dark paint as a background and a black silhouette of the continents.  EBA is considering using an image from this photoshoot in their upcoming product brochure.  I'll be sure to keep you posted once it comes out. 


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

- September 9th - 11th, 2005 - I have been gearing up for the CopperCon Sci-Fi Convention, the Annual Arizona Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention sponsored by the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix, AZ.  As this year's Artist Guest of Honor, I was offered the opportunity to do the artwork for the program cover, the website, and the convention badges.  I solicited the help of model/actress Courtney Black to be my model as I painted a tribal motif with metallic copper paint from Temptu.  I'll have more images and story about this photoshoot and convention in next month's edition.  Come out and join in on the fun.  I'll be doing a live bodypainting demonstration replicating this image with Courtney and then an adults-only session later that night with Kayla Rei.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2005, Mark Greenawalt

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