The Green Pages - The Official Mark Greenawalt Newsletter
VOL 8 ISSUE 11   November 2005

Get Well Soon Cheyenne 
by Mark Greenawalt

The cast and crew of the Mystere movie project were gearing up to return to the Imperial Sand Dunes to shoot some pick-up shots in January.  On December 12th, fate stepped in and placed a wrinkle in those plans.  We received the tragic news that our star and close friend, Cheyenne Silver, had been in a terrible car accident and that she was in critical condition.  As of this writing, she is still in intensive care, but she is conscious and improving.  I don't know all of the details, but it is my understanding that she was thrown from the vehicle and she sustained skull fractures, a neck fracture, and a broken eye socket.  There are a few other details on-line at that were a result of a conversation with screenwriter Bryan Kinnaird and Cheyenne's family.  At this point the movie project has been placed in a holding pattern and were counting on a miraculous recovery by Cheyenne.  Get well soon Cheyenne!


The 2006 Bodypainting Calendar Is Now Available
by Mark Greenawalt

I'm a little late in getting my calendar out this year, but I am finally ready to announce the models and photographers who I have selected to adorn the 2006 edition.  Most of the paintings were done this year, but I did go back in time for just a few that I really liked.  The calendar is currently available on-line at .  I would like to thank all of the talented people who have helped make this calendar possible, especially the models who have offered their bodies as canvases for my evanescent art form and the photographers who captured the moment in time.  I also have to thank my wife for being one of the most understanding women on the planet in supporting me on this adventure.  The models are Kayla Rei, Cheyenne Silver, Gia, Kesia, Kenna, Blue, Lynette Brooks, Courtney Black, Miriam Ross, Heather Keckler, Ashlee Dawn, and Jayme Richter.  The photographers were Don Crossland, Brad Garner, Ed Clapper, and myself.  Without further adeiu, here are the winning images:


Second Chances DVD Is Now Available 
by Mark Greenawalt

In November we screened our movie Second Chances at the Paper Heart Gallery.  The venue has added a new film night entitled film nuit la paper heart that takes place each month on the first Wednesday.  The theme of the evening was "Halloween Can't Be Over Yet" and therefore most of the films were of the horror genre.  Webb Pickersgill and Kayla Rei joined me at the event and we watched all of the other movies and met quite a few of the other film makers that were on-hand.  I felt that our movie was well received and we were encouraged by one film director to make our film available on DVD for independent film fans.

We have since taken his advice and had a limited quantity of DVDs printed up and placed them in nice glossy covers with professional looking artwork and such.  It's just a 7 minute film so we kept the price as low as we could at $10 each which just barely covers the cost and gives a tiny royalty to each of the films contributors.  You can view the short version of the film on the official movie website at for free.  This version was edited down to 3 minutes to be eligible for the Screen Wars competition.  The DVD contains this version and the proverbial "Director's Cut".  So if you would like to support the arts and watch "the rest of the story", go to .


Other News...
by Mark Greenawalt

I had the fortunate opportunity to paint one of the Kaleidoscope Horses at the State Fair.  I had hoped to include a few more pictures from this project in this months newsletter, but the calendar ate up most of my time.  Hopefully I'll have a few more pictures next month.  You can now enlarge this picture by clicking on it.

- I have taken on another film project called Romey and Jules.  Webb Pickersgill turned me on to the project which is the winning script from the Arizona Screenwriters Association competition.  The project will be filming in January.  More to come.

- I have an upcoming live bodypainting project at the annual "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Show" at the Paper Heart Art Gallery on December 30th.  I'm currently looking for a uninhibited model to play the part of a "naughty nurse" this year.

- I will be teaching bodypainting classes again in 2006 at the Face And Body Art International Convention in Orlando, Florida.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2005, Mark Greenawalt

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