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VOL 9 ISSUE 10   October 2006


2006 U.S. Bodypainting Competition at the New Mexico Bodypainting Festival 
by Mark Greenawalt

New Mexico Bodypainting Festival and Competition Body artists Mark Reid and Pam Trent organized this 1st annual event that took place in September at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Embassy Suites.  The New Mexico Bodypainting Festival included classes taught by instructors from around the country, bodypaint jams, and the well attended U.S. Bodypainting Competition.  This event was open to the public for a nominal charge of $18 and many of event attendees enjoyed it so much that they ended up going home in paint!  Click on the picture above to see more of my images and the chronicles of my 3-day adventure there. 


The Thermolife Girls Heat Up The Booth At The Mr. Olympia Convention 
by Mark Greenawalt

Thermolife girls at Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas I traveled to Las Vegas to bodypaint these stunning models for the Thermolife booth at the Mr. Olympia competition.  Thermolife is a bodybuilding supplement manufacturer based in Arizona and they had a unprecedented amount of traffic at their booth this year.  These girls were photographed at least a hundred times an hour throughout the whole convention and kept their seductive smiles intact throughout it all.  Click on the picture to see more images and the full story from this event. 


Career Change to Lighting Design Engineer 
by Mark Greenawalt

As I write this, I have been with Creative Designs in Lighting for just over 3 months.  I was not unhappy with my career as an Electrical Engineer and I really enjoyed the people that I was working with at Sullivan Designs, Inc., but my instinct led me to transition into lighting design.  I had been having some longings to start my own company when I received a call from the revered lighting designer Walter Spitz, who owns Creative Designs in Lighting.  He inquired if I was interested in joining his firm and I thought that it was a very opportune time to make the shift and have the added advantage of being able to learn from one of the best in the industry.  Lighting design incorporates a lot of the electrical engineering principles that I have acquired over the years, but it also flexes my creative muscles and spotlights my artistic side too.  So far I have worked on projects in Hawaii, Texas, California, and several right here in Arizona.  I have gained field experience in aiming and focusing light fixtures in several multi-million dollar homes owned by celebrity clients.  Thus far it has been very challenging, but I look forward to becoming more adept and hopefully being considered among the best in the industry one day.


The 2007 Bodypainting Calendar - A Unique Stocking Stuffer! 
by Mark Greenawalt

 2007 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Desk Calendar There's still time to order the 2007 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Desk Calendar for the Christmas season.  Click on the picture to see who made this year's edition and to see the photos. 



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