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VOL 10 ISSUE 2   February 2007


Bodypainting On Cover Of XPOZ Magazine  
by Mark Greenawalt

XPOZ Magazine Cover with Sonja in bodypaint XPOZ Magazine contacted me to be a part of the team for their three-year anniversary issue. Also joining me were photographer Mondo, model Sonja Allen, and fashion editor Margo Star. We collaborated on the design of the painting and came up with the image that you see above. Click on the cover image to see a larger version and a few other pictures from the photo session.


Bodypainting On Cover Of Ignite Magazine  
by Mark Greenawalt

Japanese bodypainting on cover of Ignite Magazine This Japanese body art was painted as a cover image for Ignite Magazine. Photographer and publisher of the magazine, Don Crossland, had been planning this shoot at the Japanese Friendship Garden for quite a while. I wasn't able to attend the shoot since I was involved with the Body Art Ball that same day, but I was able to complete the painting early in the day. This picture was also featured as a full page in Contact Magazine in the same month. Click on the cover image above for more pictures and info.


Fleur't Fashion Show At Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction  
by Mark Greenawalt

Fleur't Fashion Show At Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction I painted jeans for Fleur't's grand opening in November and then painted an ice princess for their holiday shopping celebration in December. Then in January, I once again picked up my paintbrushes for another Fluer't event at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. The Fluer't Fashion show was a 21-and-over event that showcased the trendy mens apparel and the new lingerie lines carried by the boutique located in the Shops at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale. My part of the exhibition was to bodypaint two models in front of the hundreds of attendees to open the show. I painted black and silver lingerie on models Lynette Brooks and Sonja Allen. Click on the image above for additional info.


Another Year At The Alwun House Exotic Art Show  
by Mark Greenawalt

Alwun House Exotic Art Show 2007 This year at the Alwun House Exotic Art Show, my theme was POSITIONS. Nine of my "canvases" were willing volunteers from the audience. Jill Valdisar was the one model that I selected to be the first model painted with the logo for the collection of bodypaintings. The Exotic Art Show is a very sexually charged event and to stay in that genre, my paintings depicted artistic interpretations of numerous sexual positions. This was a live body art kama sutra, so to speak. I always strive to keep my work from being too explicit so the characters in the paintings are a cross between stick figures, clip art, and caligraphy. The images were "off the cuff" and sometimes a little rough, but I think that everyone had a good time and enjoyed the process. Again, click on the image above for the rest of the story.


The 2007 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Desk Calendar  
by Mark Greenawalt

2007 bodypainting calendar for desktop There's still time to order the 2007 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Desk Calendar.  Click on the picture to see this year's edition. 


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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