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VOL 10 ISSUE 4   April 2007


The Elements Come Together At FireSky Resort Grand Opening  
by Mark Greenawalt

FireSky Resort Elements Bodypainting Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water were the themes of these bodypaintings. These promotional models were painted for the grand opening of the newly renovated FireSky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. The resort was previously known as Caleo and before that it was the Sunburst Resort. A promotional company named We've Got You Covered orchestrated the entertainment for the event which featured fire breathers, aerialists, and mermaids in addition to my painted models. Click the image above or go to for pictures and the rest of the story.


Another Tribal Adventure for Dos Equis  
by Mark Greenawalt

MaryJoy for Dos Equis Tribal Adventure I'm so glad that I finally had the chance to work with model Maryjoy for this promotional club event for the imported beer Dos Equis. They called the event Tribal Adventure and Cherry Nightclub in Tempe was lavishly decorated with jungle trimmings and props. I was initially brought into the project to airbrush temporary tattoos of the Dos Equis logos and the Tribal Adventure logo, but the plans changed when it turned out that the models were to be wearing jungle dresses that didn't reveal very much skin. So instead I did jungle-esque face paintings on several of the models and then did a freehand painting of a tiger on MaryJoy's tummy. To see some images from this project click the image above or go to .


The Feast of Fools at the Paper Heart Art Gallery  
by Mark Greenawalt

Feast of Fools Event at the Paper Heart I didn't get to do as much painting at the Feast of Fools as I had hoped due to the unfortunate cancellation of the model, but we all had a great time anyway with all of the festivities and comradery. I took the opportunity to embellish the bodypainting of one of the event's attendees and took a lot of pictures for Rowan, the festival director. In my spare time, I painted the colorful skull on my face that you see above. For additional pics, go to .


Bodypainting Books And Stuff For Sale In My Bodyart Shop  
by Mark Greenawalt

Bodyart Shop by Mark Greenawalt in Phoenix Arizona I have slightly revamped my on-line display of books and supplies relating to bodypainting, art, photography, and special effects. I have added a few of the newer books that have recently come out including a favorite of mine from Joanne Gair. I have an Associates Membership through so all of transactions are made through their cashiers and distributors. I do get a small kick-back from items sold through my shop and that helps to fund my website. So if you were planning on buying some stuff from anyway, please visit through my Bodyart Shop. Thanks in advance!  


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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