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VOL 10 ISSUE 6   June 2007


More Star Wars Stuff From Harkins Tempe Marketplace Grand Opening  
by Mark Greenawalt

Asajj Ventress and Darth Sideous at the Harkins Tempe Marketplace Grand Opening The original Star Wars film (Episode IV - A New Hope) was shown on the huge Cine Capri screen for opening night of the new Harkins Theater at Tempe Marketplace. Part of the promotion for the event included the cast of characters from the film in full costume courtesy of the AZ 501st. Courtney Black, who is not only an fabulous model, but also an accomplished seamstress, had made a costume for the event based on a character named Asajj Ventress. This character is bald and there was never a consideration for Courtney to shave her long thick hair so she needed a bald cap. This is where I came in and applied that as well as the white body paint make-up and black tribal markings. While I was there I decided to play dress up too and donned my Darth Sideous costume and prosthetics. For more pics and the rest of the story, go to


RAIN - The New Scottsdale Nightclub Grand Opening  
by Mark Greenawalt

Rain Nightclub grand opening bodypainting Black light bodypainting at Rain Nightclub Scottsdale Black light bodypainting at Rain Nightclub Scottsdale I did two bodypaintings for the grand opening of RAIN Nightclub in Scottsdale on June 24th, 2007. The first was a white top with the original RAIN logo in blue. The painting included blue raindrops and some silver glitter (and of course I added the rain in photoshop). The other painting was with model Paris who was painted with repeated drops of fluorescent paint. The new RAIN logo was then painted on in black. The one picture shows the painting under a black light and the other picture shows her in front of the lighted entry.


Another Capital Photo For My Collection  
by Mark Greenawalt

Photographs of the state capital buildings Several years ago I started a quest to take a picture of each of the 50 state capital buildings. A couple of adventurous road trips in the New England states, the Mid-Atlantic States, and the Mid-Western Plains allowed me to complete a large percentage of this task quickly when I was just getting started. Within about the first year, I made it up to 31 capitals, but the last one I took was New Mexico when I moved back to Arizona from Tennessee in 2000. This month I took a training class in Salt Lake City and I couldn't resist the opportunity so here is capital number 32 in my quest! To see the images I've taken so far, go to .


2008 Bodypainting Calendar  
by Mark Greenawalt

2008 Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt Calendar The 2008 Wall Calendar of Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt is still available at .  


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Mark Greenawalt

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