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VOL 10 ISSUE 10   October 2007


Dream Vacation in Hawaii Yeilds Another State Capital Picture  
by Mark Greenawalt

State Capital photography project I have wanted to visit Hawaii all of my life and finally this year the dream came true. My wife and I had been planning a trip there since we've been married, but every year it just didn't seem to work out, but this year we made it happen. We took the kids and had a blast on the island of Oahu. Some of the highlights included SCUBA diving with my son to a sunken ship, visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, climbing to the top of Diamond Head, a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, snorkling at Hanamau Bay, and tons of other fantastic things. I took a moment to swing by the state capital building to add one more photo to my collection. I now have 33 of the 50 state capital buildings (click on the picture to see my capital photos). I took a lot of other pictures of Hawaii that I am really happy with, but I'll have to post them later.


Push Allstars Fashion and Lingerie Show at Sugar Daddy's  
by Mark Greenawalt

Push Allstars Party at Sugar Daddy's in Scottsdale Push Allstars held an adult oriented fashion and lingerie show at Sugar Daddy's in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event was called Less is More and it took place on October 20th. The lingerie was provided by Wicked Temptations and I was brought on-board to bodypaint two models with baseball jerseys. Push Allstars is a modeling agency and their logo is very reminiescent of the logo for major league baseball, with a sexy twist. Here is a shot of the two girls that I painted (click to enlarge). I had another event to attend that night so I didn't get to see all of the lingerie fashions, but judging from the caliber of beautiful models backstage and the couple of outfits that I saw in the dressing room where I painted, this would be a great show to see the next time it comes around.


Kontakt Magazine Event  
by Mark Greenawalt

Century Plaza bodypainting at Kontakt Magazine partyCentury Plaza bodypainting at Kontakt Magazine party Kontakt Magazine held a Modern Masquerade Party at the Icehouse in downtown Phoenix to unveil their new name and logo. Many sponsors were on-hand for the event including Equus and Century Plaza who hired me to paint their logos on a professional fashion model. 


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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